Feb 17, 2010

'ello dar.


so let me tell you about my day.

it started with king and i waking up late. we left the house around...7:20am and arrived on campus at around 7:30ish. i was surprised that it didn't take us longer since it usually took us 15 minutes to get onto campus. maybe the traffic lights were all like:

'ey. today's ur lucky day. we'll go all green on you.


anyways, so i arrive to class late and my boring prof. just stares at me and continues to talk. she was talking about how our class average for the last test we took was about a D+. in my head, i was all like. oh, damn i'm one of those ppl who got the D+!
i was able to look at my score and i got an A on my exam. haha. and also got an A on my paper! GO ME! :'D

after this class i went off to the cafeteria to buy a snack so my tummy wouldn't growl in my next class: biological psychology, which is my favorite class. it seems like my body always wants to make weird noises in class. and i ALWAYs want to cough up mucus in there. it's kinda gross. haha
i think people are irritated by my coughing. BUT HEY, i can't help it if i have to cough, jerks. P:

so, class began and i was able sit closer to my professor, who i am so damn infatuated by. really. if he was younger, i would marry him. heck, if he wasn't married right now, i'd still marry him! haha..........

he lectured about different types of x-ray scans: CAT, PET, MRIs and FMRIs. yeah, i already learned this stuff since i took this class a couple of semesters ago, so i just stared at my prof. haha.

at the end of the class i bravely went up to him and asked if i could take a picture of lomo with him. you see, i brought lomo to class just so i could have a picture of my prof! hahaha.....i explained to him how we were doing a mission that included taking pictures of lomo everyday and all that junk. he said "Sure!" all happily, which melted my heart. hahahahhahahha...

aaaaaawwwwww, isn't he so adorable?! no,not lomo...hahaha.

i was so happy after i took the picture. i was so damn...giddy, smiling my way back to the cafeteria. i wanted to like scream and squeal but people would look at me weird. haha.....

after biopsych, i waited in the cafe for a few and went to my history group that ditched me yesterday. we have a presentation tomorrow so we just went over stuff we needed to go over.

study group → waitin' in cafe/deciding not to go to last class → band.

band was alright. there were many people who were absent including our first flute! eeee....even though i'm a first flute, i still don't know my parts. which is a shame. hahahaha.
but i was actually surprised at how much i knew!

maybe i should not rely on sarah much and force myself to actually work on this stuff.
i can play it... i just have to push myself. [=

Feb 16, 2010

my dad...

...is awesome.

he walked out of his mother's house in Laos during his teens and told her:

"...i am not coming back until i am educated, have a good job, have a family and have been to america."

20-30 some odd years later, we returned and father told g-ma:

"...i told you i would come back when i've done all these things."

Go dad!

Feb 11, 2010

Anti-Valentine Party.

i just noticed that i barely post on here. haha.

so today, april, alyssa and i went to the north hagginwood library(or whateve-it's-called-library) for an event. it was called the anti-valentine party.

but let me start with this morning.

women's history. prof. gave us all candy cuz valentines day is soon. and then we learned about women slaves and stuff.

i realized that if i sit in the back, i'll be really sleepy. however, if i sit near the front, i'll loose track of time and i'll be totally absorbed into the class. so maybe i should sit in the front more. i totally would for my biopsyc class if there were empty seats in the front. i wouldn't mind staring at dr. murakami throughout the whoooollleeeee class hour. ;D

after women's history: choir. choir was..interesting. i love the new building and all but the acoustics of the room is just crap. everything bounces off the walls since theres nothing to absorb/suffocate the sound it's hard to listen to the correct pitches.

it's the same with the band room. although, we do have mufflers. the room is to big or at least the ceiling is too high. so, there are some people who are just off by like...a millisecond.

which throws EVERYONE off.

anyways, back to choir. the alto section, MY SECTION, is so timid! heck, all of the women are so timid! our so-called forte is like.....a mezzo piano/forte in this one song. really. and most of us cannot find our pitches! especially the girl who was sitting next to me today. haha.

but the cool thing about her was that she's a foothill alumni class of '03. she was really nice and i was nice to her, even though she was completely off. and she knew she was off! haha. i need to work with her. Us foothill ppl need to help each other. XD

after choir i went to the cafeteria for a bit and left. i was suppose to go over to my friend's house so i could teach her grandchildren how to play the piano but i didn't. we apparently had some miscommunication so now i'm gonna start teaching them next week.

i went home. looked up some stuff online then headed off to 3 different libraries. i went to Sylvan Oaks to drop off a book. then i picked up abril and alyssa and went to Arcade library so i could check out a book. stayed there for like...2 minutes then we headed off to the North-Hagginwood one and had our so called party.

there were basically four of us there: abril, alyssa, this random kid and i. haha. we brawled then played ALONE(similar to bingo). i won something like...the first time. i got like this thingie....weird thingie. haha. we played our last game of ALONE and we all won a big heart pinata that we were suppose to break. they wouldn't let us break it inside so we took it outside and abril broke it with the first hit. xDDD

we got candy. :"D.

we went back inside for more brawl until the lady said the party was over. then she asked us if we were going to the other events sometime in march. i felt obligated to say yes...but i didn't P:
i think might go. the library is very small and i just feel obligated to just go and, i guess you can say, support it?

i dont know. [=