May 29, 2009

> _>

just because i have this position doesn't mean i know EVERYTHING.

if you want to figure out information about stuff go talk to the people who are IN CHARGE of it.
don't come running to me with a crapload of questions about stuff i DO NOT know.


May 25, 2009


i miss sabrina.

May 20, 2009

The 15 minute program.

Blog 96.

So on tuesday, practice for pep band was canceled due to some unknown thing i didnt know about. I got curious so i asked jacob, our so-called-leader-of-some sort, what was up. at first he didnt reply so i asked taylor, a friend of mine.

taylor started going on about the 15 minute program and about how intense it was. after taylor told me stuff, jacob finally replied and his explanation of the program was like...omg.

on tuesday and wednesday, foothill had this program/assembly/thing. it was called the 15 minute program. during the whole school day a random student was taken out of a random classroom every fifteen minutes. there were also apparently heartbeats over the intercom every 15 minutes too. anyways, those people represented each person who have/has died or been seriously/critically injured in an accident related to drunk driving.

btw, those students were taken elsewhere and were restricted from communicating with anyone for 48 hours. our percussionist/drummer was one of those people. thats why we didnt have practice.

sometime during the day, they had an assembly. the 15 minute program people acted out a scene that depicted what can happen in an accident related to drunk driving. here's how it went:

the 15 minute program choose 4 seniors to act out in the thing. one was the drunk driver, the others..well i'll explain what happened to them later.

this was all in the stadium of foothill.

one of the seniors, named lisa, decided that it was okay to drive drunk so she drove herself and another person home or something like that, his name was dustin or richard or marissa. i dont remember. so she's driving and she crashes into another car with, im just going to say, marissa and richard.

as they collided, dustin was thrown through the front window thing, since he wasn't wearing a seat belt, and died immediatly upon contact with whatever he hit. marissa and richard were seriously injured leaving lisa with only a scratch on her forehead.

now, this is what the 15-minute program actually acted out.
richard was crying out for help. i dont remember what marissa did but i think she was stuck in the car or something, i dunno. lisa was, i believe, in the driver's seat and dustin was wherever he was dead.

there was also lots of blood.

the CHPs, ambulance, paramedics, you name it, came to the rescue. they like actually came. they also brought a real helicopter, which landed in the stadium and air lifted marissa out of there.

after that whole thing, they, i guess, explained that richard was paralyzed from, i believe, the waist down, dustin was dead, marissa died right when she reached the hospital due to internal bleeding and lisa was sentenced to life in prison with her little scratch on her head.

then they had testimonies of people who survived accidents like that. and asked the students of foothill to, if they wanted to, make a pledge of something like: ' i deserve to live and i will not die.'

it was truly touching to the students. i heard that there were alot of people who cried and made that pledge.

but what made it more affective was the fact that the 15 minute program used actual students of foothill, that way the students would be able to connect to the program.

i wish i was there to see and experience the program. i actually knew two of the students who were acting.

don't drink and drive guys; you will regret it.

May 18, 2009

i'm in love with a strippeerrrrr.

Blog 95.

lady gaga disappoints me but i still think she's hella hot.
and cute.
 i'd still hit that.
i love her lives. :D

i think i have this thing for blondes right now...even though lady gaga is a natural brunette. xD


May 17, 2009


the closest way you've said 'i love you' to me was

' i care about you so much '

you don't know how much that phrase meant to me.

check that out.

Blog 93

it's my current desktop. HAHHAH xD
and the song on my winamp is pokerface. xD

anyways today was my youth rally thing.
twas alright.




May 16, 2009

p-p-p-poker face!

Blog 92. 

mmmmmmm late night blogging.
i think lady gaga is hot.

you might not but whatever, we're two different people. xD
ahhhh, i'd do her any day but like not with a strap-on because strap-ons are scarrryyy.

or am i? ;D

there was this one time kat and i were talking online...and i was all like..
' i'd do this person anyday! '
and she replied:
' you'd do alot of girls in one day. '
lmfao, kat.
i havent talked to her in awhile. ):
i miss her ; o;


i <3>

May 10, 2009

mommy day.

Blog 91, i believe.

last night, i spent about 4 hours making stuff for the moms/ladies of my church. they were pretty neat.

anyways, today was just like any other sunday but a little bit more special. :D
the kids sang 'happy mother's day' to the whole church then we took them to make cards.
these kids are sooo awesomely amazing.
and so gosh darn cute. C:

especially one of the little girls, nancy. for this whole time, i though she was mienh. like full mienh. but apparently she's like either full chinese or half-chinese/half-mienh. she's so cute!
she would sound so serious when saying something but then it would turn out to be all random. xD

my cousin........she painted my nails. :D

and roger! one of the little boys. he hasnt learned how to say ' something something gave birth to blah blah blah' so he would use 'borned' for 'to give birth'. hahaha.

the other day, he was all like:

'lucky borned brownie but his brothers and sisters all die'

he's talking about his dogs, btw.

anyways so today, king, yowty and i wanted to get momm something so we decided to get her a shovel. like a gardening shovel. xD
so we bought that and something else...

we gave her the shovel and told her to go outside and showed her the other gift we got for her.
which was a lime tree. :D

momm and lime tree~ <3

before we added more concrete in our backyard, we had a lemon tree. it was a really awesome lemon tree. but we had to cut it down. ):

so, we bought mom a lime tree and told her that it'll be a new start when we move to a new house. C:


flasp me.

Blog something.

so i tried to spell 'slap' but 'flasp' came out instead. xD
i need archanaaaaaaa. RIGHT NOW.


im exhausted. D:

my mind is punishing my body for some reason.
so if im all like....UGHHHHHHSLOWISH.
i apologize.


oh. sigh.

May 8, 2009


Blog 89.

ohhh..its 2:04 am and i have a huge headache. liek HUEG.

so on monday....i forgot what i did. i think i stayed home O:

tuesday was SF day.
sang at natomas highschool. i HATE annoYING highschool students. some of them were rude too.
then off to SF!

sang at mission was AMAZING.
its one of those experiences where you just have to be there to know the feeling.

afterwards, the conservatory music place. we made one of their flautists nervous. lol. he was HELLA good though.

then free time! zach from chambers led us around in circles trying to find a cheesecake factory. we walked alot.
ate delicious foods.
zach also entertained us. xD
zach and nelly(nelli?)

they're funny. XD;

went to the orpheam theatre and saw WICKED!
it was super AWESOME. made me cry. xDD; <3333

went home. late.

Wednesday: band concert and denny's and a creepy creepy thing happened to me too. D:

the band concert was good. i liked it. :D
denny's was FUN. abril, kelly and i entertained ourselves with..gosh i dont remember what. but it was still funny as hell xD

then afterwards, we parted. the girls in one car and josh in his.
kelly drove abril home first then me.
as we to my house..and like...josh was waiting in his car right in front of my house.
kelly and i were likee...

O _O...

i was scared. D:

kelly made sure that josh didnt follow me to my door so yeah, i owe her. <3

dear. gosh. i am sooo creeped out right now. p:

Thursday: classes, lollicup e jazz concert.
after classes, parkarr took the four of us, david anji parkarr and iiiiii to lollicup in roseville.
we totally got lost though. haha. XD

the jazz concert was really good..but it gave me a really bad headache.

apparently my mind/braiin/head is now sensitive to noise. any really loud music or enviroments willl make it go all like...

other than that, i enjoyed the concert. :D
especially the hobo song. xD!

i need to somehow get rid of this headache.
maybe im just like dehydrated. or something.
as liz told me:

'dwink more wawa.' .....or somethign like that. haha.

i think i'll take liz's advice and dwink more wawa.



May 4, 2009


Blog 88.



. w.

May 3, 2009


Blog something.

mom and dad are back o 3o

Hmm, let's start with friday. C:

went to the Art Tech thing on campus. its like a celebration of the arts of every form...or something like that. XD
well, i didn't know that the Art Tech thing was going on until i came on campus. xDDD
so, i went to the chambers open rehearsal. i loved it. :D
the last song they sang, i believe, was Si Ch'io. dr. Hughes was all like...SING IT TO TAKA!
and i was all like...

O _O.

they basically sang the ' Si ch'io vorrei morire' part twice to me.
i LOLed inside and thought i was a pimp for the couple of seconds when they sang that to me.


yeah...afterwards i chilled with jenifer and liz.
we had a flute hug. lol. xD;


i basically spent the whole day at church and with my band. xD;
poor sam, our solo guitarist, was sick ):

today, went to church. had a HUGE samoan celebration thing. xD;
after church, king, yow, mom and i went to a thai restaurant for yowty's buurrday.

we had fried ice cream and fried bananas o 3o

yum yum. C:

oh how i miss food from thailand. and laos too. there was this specific restaurant we went to everytime we wanted khow pad(fried rice). it was also located near the mekong river. the restaurant was pretty cool. xD;
the kitchen was separated from the tables by a street. so the waitor/waitress would run across the street takin orders and serving food. it was pretty awesome. o 3o

oh and the super good noodle stand!
when we first arrived at my uncle's house in Luang Probang, Laos, his daughters took us to a little noodle stand. IT WAS SOOOO GOOOOD!

liek. rly gewd. o 3o