Dec 29, 2009

it's a to-do-list.

for what?
that is for me to know and for you to find out. [=

1. pikari.
2. then mio.
3. get throwing knives
4. learn how to throw knives.
5. grow out hair.
6. curl hair.
7. get class M driver’s license.
8. buy antique honda motorcycle.
9. buy some kinda sportsbike.
10. buy harley davidson motorcycle.
11. take a trip to vancouver, canada.
12. stay in vancouver, canada.
13. live in vancouver, canada.
14. find a teaching/daycare job in vancouver, canada.
15. knock on some random house and ask if i can use their bathroom.
16. find someone.
17. charm someone.
18. make someone faint with just a kiss.
19. pikari.
20. then mio.
21. have a child.
22. and name her Elliot.

there’s more…i know it. haha.
let’s see if i can follow this. [=

Dec 28, 2009

i think...

...i'm starting to get sick.

i was soooo tired on sunday and i kept on wanting to fall asleep.

i passed out last night around 9:30-10pmish.
then woke up like...45 minutes later
then knocked out until sometime around 5am.
then went back to sleep.
woke up again
and went back to sleep
then i finally woke up at around 1:30pmish. haha

during that whole time, i believe i had like....3 dreams o _o
all different, btw.
i only remember one though.

it had my whole family in it...and abril! :D <3

basically, the whole town, city, country/whatever was bombed
and we had to survive somehow off of the land and everything we could find.
it was weird
i think that dream made me realize how much i loved my family cuz we were all in it together trying to survive.

abril came later in the dream and my family was all like:

yeah, then i woke up. XD

yeah...break is going to be long. i can feel it o _o
tomorrow's gonna be awesome/sad..ish.

now, i gotta go and shower, clean, wrap presents i haven't given to david, abril and felicia and make a t-shirt!

yeeeeee! <3

i love you guys. ; 3; <3

Dec 24, 2009

"december 24th...

lawl, guys, i love myself.
just to let you know. [=

i'll contemplate stuff then forget about it ten seconds later! :3
sooo, if you worry about me, you shouldn't haha

cuz i'll always have Jesus with me. [=

love you all! <3

" a quarter till eleven is when he finally gained the courage to ask her to dance."

Dec 13, 2009


i will tell you how i feel.

i am prepared for the worst.

Dec 5, 2009


next semester is going to be...


Nov 29, 2009


today, was a great day. it felt really good. and it ended well too. [=

it started off like any other sunday: going to church. actually every sunday is pretty awesome. but today, just made me feel really good inside.

so we did the english worship and then the mienh worship then we took the kids/youth to their classes. we always did the usual: give them snacks and then lessons. but for some reason today was just super fun.

yowty made the kids go to another room so king and i took them to our little playground. we told everyone to go to the top of the playground and gave them their little lessons about how God gave the world to us as a gift and we must cherish it and take care of it. then we talked about how God also gave us His son, Jesus, to die on the cross for our sins. we said that Jesus was a gift from God and etc. haha

after our lesson, we all played freeze tag. King was it and after maybe about 5 or 10 minutes he FINALLY tagged all of us. haha. then this kid was "it" we somehow got king and i at the same time xD

freeze tag was HELLA fun.

then afterwards, we cleaned up and yowty and one of our youth's and her younger brother and i played pingpong. it was soooo intense and soo fuN! haha. i'm so glad we bought that pingpong/pool table. [=

after 10 or 20 minutes, we took those two home and went to this one lady's house so we could pray for her. then we went back to church to decorate it with christmas stuff. took us a long time but it was still fun.

but yeah!
that was my day. [=

Nov 28, 2009

thanksgiving break.

My so called break has officially ended. two days man.
two fun awesome days.

well, it might not sound fun to you but to me it was very heart warming. xD

I spent Thanksgiving with my church family. We all had a potluck and watched UP. it was really nice.
I saw some people i havent seen in a long long time so i'm thankful for that.
afterwards, i dont remember what i did. haha
i think i just relaxed and waited for Black Friday to come.

on black friday, i took a one hour nap and took abril and yowty and i to the galleria around 2am in the morning. we waited for about an hour before a security person opened the door. we all watched in confusion when he opened it and was all like...


he opened the door because he was afraid that it was too cold outside.
we then walked around and felt awesome cuz we were the ONLY ONEs there.
then we found peopls and tilly's and waited outside of tilly's so we could get a gift card.

this douchebag tried to cut us but some of my asian friends from south sac/elkgrove were all like.


he walked away and was all like i'm the general manager! and walked off while patting people on the heads.

yeah...he pissed all of us off.

so, after 3 hours, tilly's opened and we got our gift cards.
yowty abril and i got 10 dollar gift cards so abril and i used them to buy matching skull candy earphones cuz we tiigght liek dat.

then abril and i head off to Aerie by American Eagle so i could buy something for my christmas thing. i bought a thermal that was a bit big for me but i dont care. haha.
i love Aerie, it's such a nice store. haha.
i got a gift card from them too so i'm totally coming back sometime in december to buy another thermal. [=

After Aerie, kelly texted abril telling her that we should help her buy something from Fry's, the place she worked at.
so, we went off to Fry's. sad thing is: abril and i got lost in the mall. we were trying to find the main entrance but kept on going around in circles! we finally found our way out.

when we got to Fry's, we walked around the store for hella days because some people didn't know how to direct us. we finally got to the right place and got a really awesome guy to help us but we were too late. the thing kelly wanted was sold out. ):

so we went back to the galleria.

i ate foods that almost made me choke but i stopped myself from choking.
abril drank some. dr. peppar.
then we went home or at least i took abril back to fry's and yowty and i went home.

when i got home, i went to bed and slept until 3 or 4pm. i forgot. haha. then...i did nothing.

but yeah, that was my thanksgiving break. [=

Nov 25, 2009



at least tell us you're missing your first class so we don't have to pick you up.


i am never doing this again.

Nov 23, 2009


i'd name her elliot. <3

Nov 17, 2009

oh dear.

+1000 pts. [=

Nov 9, 2009



I PHOin' LOVE ASIAN GIRLs. <33333333333!!!!

Nov 8, 2009

oh my dear.

i totally want to do someone right now.....


Nov 5, 2009


Goodbye, dearest.

Nov 2, 2009


i believe i need to get out of ARC as soon as i can.

don't ask why.

but anyways.

why? hahaha.
why is this happening to me again?

though i do love the feeling.

it should stop before it goes to far.

dearest, must i address you this way?

but i love saying the word dearest.

Nov 1, 2009


i declare this week another emo week cuz i know alot of people who are bummed right now.

heck, i'm bummed too. though i shouldn't be.
i have no right to be.

but hey, i'm only human.

candy anyone?

i barely got any but i'm sick of candy.


happy late halloween, everyone.

i have to poop now. [=

Oct 28, 2009

new layout much?

yeah, so my old layout kinda went bleh.
i think one of the thingie's picture host thing's bandwidth was exceeded...with porn


i mean, the picture probably doesn't exist anymore.
i really liked my old layout but this one is cute too.
it still matches my blog theme.


hi, are you still there?

how are you? [=

it's been awhile.

Oct 25, 2009


there are times when i feel like i should not be what i am.
gender wise.

i'm so tired of feeling so looked down upon just because i am female.
and i'm so tired of feeling so physically weak because i am female.
it makes me sad every time another man does some kind of heavy duty work that i can't accomplish just because of the fact that i'm built to be physically weak.

i also hate the double standards of women that have been imposed onto me.
and the stereotypical stuff.
just because i am female doesn't mean i want to do whatever females gotta do.

i want to be able to do what the stereotypical man does....whatever they do.

and this goes for sexual stuff too.
there are times when i do feel sexually attracted to another woman.
yes, i'd totally make out with another girl
and no, i am not a lesbian.
nor am i bisexual.

i am neither.

i still like men, but i don't at the same time.
it's the same with women.

there are times when i feel disgusted by both men and women because honestly the human reproductive system is incredibly disgusting.
in fact, i think it's just gross period.

now, am i gender/sexually confused?
most likely, but whatever.
it's who i am.

i'm sorry if this didn't really make any sense buttttt
i just wanted to say some things before i go crazy. [=

thank you for reading. [=

Oct 21, 2009


inflatable poop. HAHA.

hello world.

i'm tired.
and irritated.
and annoyed. haha.

i'm still in a pissy mood.
i need headphones.where's david?~?!?!!?! D:!!!

today was a fail day.
it started with me not wanting to wake up.
my baby class was canceled today so my 'first' and last class of the day starts a 4:30pm.

this really sucks.
and i need sleep too but i 'have' to wake up early because of someone. > _>
i'm really annoyed by him right now.
grow up person and stop taking advantage of usss D:
learn to drive!
i mean, we like you and all but i'm kinda tired of taking you everywhere.
and you expect us to agree with you all the time
i know you're being sarcastic and all but i'm tired of it.

there were also alot of cars that failed today. haha.

my T key is not really working.

cutest kid EVER!

yowty and i were all like....HE'S SOOo CUTE! WE CAN'T TAKE THIS MUCH CUTENESS IN ONE DAY!!!

this lady at my church has amazing adorable grandkids.

shut up.
i need to isolate myself from everyone before i go crazy. [=

Oct 15, 2009

i hate pho.

fer realz.
imma use it as a curse word now.
thanks april. C:

so this week is b-tchy/ fail week.

no i was not pmsing.
yes, i did get sleep.


more sleep = b-tchy taka.

i'm also really really glued to Final Fantasy Dissidia.
oh and the only reason why i was ignoring everyone while i was playing Dissidia was because i was taking out my b-tchness/anger/pissssssy...ness on it.

i'm sorry if i offended everyone. especially Jacob. i hope you're reading this. C: <3


anyways so onto Dissidia. the first story i went played was the Onion Knight's. HE'S SOOO CUTE. OMFG.
his attacks are quite fast and he's good in magic and physical attacks too.
i think i got a little bit better on Dissidia but i still need more...practice. especially with Sephiroth.

i love the Onion Knight. C: <3

anyways, i'm OFF to make a D&D character. WOO!



Sep 28, 2009


Isn't that so cute?

These two are my little cousins...more like my little uncles. They're so smart and so cute. xDDD
Cool thing is that their actually blood related. xD
Their grandpa is my grandpa's brother. yay.
They just recently moved from Thailand to America so they're pretty new. [=
I love them. haha.

I started playing fable...i think i'm going to play it now since i dont have my Sims. xDDD

Sep 27, 2009


maybe i'm just disgusted by people being all lovey dovey in general. :D

Sep 24, 2009

i have to pee.


I believe I am loosing some respect for some people and that's really hard for me to do. I'm a really respectful person but some people are just pushing it. I'm not saying that I won't like them anymore, it's just that...UGH. I just can't stand it.

I think it might just be me though but then again....I don't know.

Manslut is bothering me right now. Maybe it's because I know that he'll probably treat Vicky Jo the same way he treated Mary Sue.







Anyways, let me tell you a story:

So there once was a manslut who was a manslut. For the first couple of weeks of school, he had a girlfriend. Or at least I think she was his girlfriend. They might have been like...friends with benefits. I don't know. ANYWAYS, so manslut and Mary Sue were always liek...oohhh! LOVEYDOVEY-SNOGGING-PDAinrg everyday and probably all day. You would think that they would last for awhile because of all the making out/really really awkward stuff they did but guess what...they didn't . Their relationship only lasted about maybe a week. and now manslut has a new girl, Vicky Jo. I'm sorry but I can't end this story since yeah...well it hasn't ended...yet


not to be mean or anything but I don't think it's going to end happily. [=

I just....efff manslut. Creepy manslut. I don't really know him like how his thoughts are but from his actions, I think he's just using Vicky Jo. Really. I feel sorry for Vicky Jo because of this.

Please stop it, manslut. It's really bothering me.

maybe I shouldn't worry about this since it's really none of my business. i dont know.


Sep 22, 2009

My body done broke.

These past couple of days have been like super slow and super ugghh. I think there's something wrong with me. Or at least my body. I don't know. It's being weird.
Yesterday, I felt like I was going to pass out/throw up for some reason.
I think it's my upper torso that's like bothering me. I want to say that it's my stomach but it's not. It's like right under my boobs/ontop of my rib cage. UGH.

Anyways, I really hate man sluts. No, I really hate creepy man sluts. Okay, I dont really hate them but just what they do in general. I also hate PDA aka PUBLIC DISPLAYs OF AFFECTION and when people talk about SEX around me. I wonder if anyone noticed that I was kinda uncomfortable today.

I just can't stand it...really.

Another thing that bothers me is this certain man slut. I mean, he's cool and all but omfg. Last week he was all over this one girl and now this week he's all over this other girl. And they're not even like official...I guess what bothered me the most was when Alyssa asked him about the other girl and he was all like:

"oh that was the past"


Really now?


I can't stand it when people do that. That as in oh-i-just-met-you-or-just-started-to-'date/go out/metyou'-you-and-now-all-i-want-to-do-is-snog/dry-hump-you-in-public. I believe that once you start going out with a person, you should at least try to hold onto that relationship for awhile to see whether or not that person is compatible for marriage. Don't date the person just because you want to make out with him or her. And don't mess with their feelings either, hoslut.

I wonder if I'm making any sense. xDDD

Anyways, Sims. I can't get the custom stuff to work. P:
This blows.

I'm tired.
I fail at L4D.
I hate lovey dovey fake crap.

DoReMi. [=

Sep 20, 2009


I hate The Sims.

The Shalopa Family.

I made Isa Chaorain and Kathy Shalopa. Females. They're my first Sims. lol.
so, at first, they didn't like each other. it took like a day or too for them to become friends. then it took them a couple of more days after that for them to become bffs.
anyways they got married and adopted a child. yay.
they went off to work and since i'm new to Sims, i didn't know that when the people are at work, they wont come home even if i've canceled the work thingie.
ANYWAYS. so the social worker comes and leaves baby Jo on the lawn. and hours and hours past. the thingie reminds me that it's not a good idea to leave the baby unattended. more hours past and a social worker comes back and takes the baby away from my couple.
Kathy, having a family aspiration, starts crying when she got home.
Isa just does whatever.

such a great family. [=

this whole time i was all like...OMFG. WHAT. NO. I DONT WANT THEM TO LOSE THE BABY! DDDD;
and then i remembered that i didnt save.
so i started over and now they have baby jo again. :D



i totally DID NOT get Sims 2.

double deluxe! :D

i want to make another O.jay. [=

Sep 14, 2009

Wanna know which anime got me to like anime? :D

here's my favorite character:
i effing love Tomo.
he dresses like ancient chinese-opera style clothing and makeup.
his character's actually quite manipulative but i still love him.
he's so dedicated to the person he's in love with.
which is a guy BTW. :D

and in case you didn't know...i LOVE ancient asian stuff. [=

Sep 12, 2009

i lol'd.

when foothill won their game yesterday.


so i can't draw faces anymore...
but apparently i can draw bodies.


kelly got hit on a black guy today.
abril saved her by becoming a superlesbian.
so now kelly and abril are lesbo lovarrs.

i love tommy february6.


Sep 8, 2009


taken from

"On the official 2PM fancafe, leader Jaebeom announced that he will be officially quitting 2PM. JYPE has just confirmed this is true.

This decision was made after his recent Myspace controversy was blown out of hand. Jaebeom will be leaving Korea today at 6:30pm KST."

Things like this makes me want to quit myspace. really.
Jay quit his job just because of the harsh comments Netizens said to him about things he said in the past towards Korea.

Please help bring Jay back by signing the petition!
2pm will never be the same without their leader!

Sep 5, 2009

Sep 1, 2009

well, i'm kinda screwed.

for realz.
i want a have a family
like a REAL family and all
the problem is.....
the only type of guys i'm attracted to are the metro. ones

most metro guys are gay.
this blows.

i LOVE metro guys.

my gosh.

my ex is so amazing.
she's more of like my best friend.

no really.
don't believe me?

i'll prove it to you. [= <3

i will never find another person as amazing as her.

Aug 31, 2009

And today's word of the day is:

according to urban dictionary POOP is...

Early English term for "substance that emits from anus".

See below for examples.

GHOST Poop: The kind where you feel the Poop come out, but there is no Poop in the toilet.

CLEAN Poop: The kind where you Poop it out, see it in the toilet, but there is nothing on the paper.

WET Poop: The kind where you wipe your butt 50 times and it still feels un-wiped, so you have to put some toilet paper between your butt and your underwear so you don't ruin them with a stain.

SECOND WAVE Poop: This happens when you're done Pooping and you've pulled your pants up to your knees, and you realize that you have to Poop some more.

POP-A-VEIN-IN-YOUR-FOREHEAD-Poop: The kind where you strain so much to get it out, you practically have a stroke.

LINCOLN LOG Poop: The kind of Poop that is so huge you're afraid to flush without first breaking it into little pieces with the toilet brush.

GASSEY Poop: It's so noisy, everyone within earshot giggles.

DRINKER Poop: The kind of Poop you have the morning after a night of drinking. Its most noticeable trait is the skid marks on the bottom of the toilet.

CORN Poop: (Self-explanatory)

GEE-I-WISH-I-COULD-Poop-Poop: The kind where you want to Poop, but all you do is set on the toilet and fart a few times.

SPINAL TAP Poop: This is when it hurts so badly coming out you'd swear it was leaving you sideways.

WET CHEEKS Poop: (The Power Dump). The kind that comes out of your butt so fast, your butt cheeks get splashed with water.

LIQUID Poop: The kind where yellowish-brown liquid shoots out of your butt and splashes all over the toilet bowl.

MEXICAN Poop:It smells so badly that your nose burns.

UPPER CLASS Poop: The kind of Poop that has no odor.

THE SURPRISE Poop: You are not at the toilet because you think you are about to fart but...oops...a Poop!!!

THE DANGLING Poop: This Poop refuses to drop into the toilet even though you know you are done Pooping it. You just pray that a shake or two will cut it loose.

now, isn't that nice?
now you know what type of poop you're pooping out when you go and poop.
happy pooping!

oh. snap.
it's a post without B.E.G or G-Dragon in it!

that's amazing.

lol, today i skipped stats cuz i had to go home and poop.
i hate the temperature in the cafeteria.
it upsets my stomache.
i hope my professor didn't get mad.

and i hope that one person didn't miss me. haha. xD

i love pepto bismol.

Aug 30, 2009

clean please!

this is sooo gay. xD

they're soo hot. xDD

Aug 20, 2009

i can breathe on moody nights.

i can't get enough of B.E.G...and G-Dragon's platinum blond hair.

er more like white in this picture.


Aug 13, 2009



Kat gave me a B.E.G. poster and their Sound-G album for my birthday and i have to say, koreans give you more than just a CD when it comes to their artists.
my album thingie was 2 CDs + a photo booklet with lyrics too.
its so awesome haha.

so i have have almost all of their albums/singles except for this song:

it's called Red Bean Sherbet, which i think is gross cuz i hate red bean, but it's a cute song. haha.
oh, abracadabra at the end.

saranghae~! <3

Aug 3, 2009

it's my style.

Guess which one is my favorite. haha. C:

Did you come to make me fall in love with you? [=

Aug 1, 2009

it's the hips.

hello new obsession. :D

The Brown Eyed Girls.

they've been performing their comeback song like over and over and over again.
here's today's performance:

Narshaaaaaaa. <3333

Jul 30, 2009

leather or pleather?

they are just sooo hot.
especially Narsha and Ga-In.


Jul 28, 2009


i can't do this.
wait...i can cuz it's not really affecting me. haha.

or is it?

sorry, ro, i choose my friendship with my friend over my little crush with you. [=

Jul 21, 2009


awesome watch is here.
i broke it.

it still works, its just the glass.......

; ;

oh well.

this summer break sucks.

Jul 19, 2009 shell has been officially broken.

i don't like admitting stuff like this...but i guess it's true.

i guess i can give it a try.

right, Angel?