Jan 31, 2009

you're all i ever wanted

you're all i ever needed

i want you back - *Nsync

Blog 19

suup homeslices?!

so today, i went to my friend's church somewhere in natomas. i liked it. /smile.
the church was actually a Laos church. laughoutloud. the hostess was really cute..and i liked her personality. /blush.

anyways after that, i went to my church for practice. fun. awesome. yeah.

afterwards, my Seths took me to the animania at suncoast in the sunrise mall. was alright. scary people though.
OH i saw kevin there! he was dressed up as a gothic lolita...with boobs. laughoutloud. i love kevin. /smile.

yeah. i wanna see her again. itll make me happy just to see her face. /smile.
i still think she thinks im weird. or annoying. but then again we were talking the other day..and she was all like: "if i didnt want to talk to you, then i wouldnt" /blush/blush. tehehehehehehehhehehehehe.

but yeah. im chillin' with my Seth's right now playin' halo. i suck at halo, so i gave up my controller.
i love my seths /heart



Jan 30, 2009

everyone's gone surfin'

surfin' usa.

surfin' usa. - the beach boys

Blog 18

no seriously.
i will update later and explain stuff

okay i will not explain stufff. laughoutloud.

so i wasnt able to write alot of stuff on here last night. sorryyyyy. i got home late.

anyways, so we had our performance thing. awesome. and fun. last performance was better.
but we had more people. so YAY.

yeah, that was yesterday. /smile.


Jan 29, 2009

where are you tonight? kikasete

wish you were here angel

kiss one more time - tommy february6

Blog 17


im tired of italizing her name. eheh.

so. i talked to her again today. this time for about an hour. woot. i kept on asking questions, she answered them but she kept on zoning out. i also kept on apologizing. laughoutloud. but i got to know more about her. she said that she's apparently a friendly person and it wont be hard to become friends with her. so yeah....woo!

laughoutloud. she apologized to me saying that she should be the one apologizing because the conversation should be awkward for me.
i think she's not used to someone doing this to her....i dunno.

i kept on analyzing who she was so that was fun.

i also made her smile with my fishie pic /hearrrrtttttt

mannn, i think i was blushing when i was talking to her. and i think i was looking at her too much. i should stop that.....but i cant help but not look at her face.


yeah. i also walked her to her class..cuz i had nothing better to do. and i also gave her a hug...from behind. /blush.

hopefully i can get through to her and we'll be able to not have any awkward silences during our conversations.

ive done this before, like i found away around one my friend's shell. like...she didnt like hugs, but i kept on giving her hugs. after two years, she finally gave me a hug back. so whenever i ask for a hug, she gives them to me. WOOO!

but it took me 2 years to get through to my friend. i have 1 semester to do so with her. i hope i succeed because she said she didnt mind having me as a friend. she even said that we might have alot in common. we just need to get to know each other more.

okay. i need to stop talking about her.

so after italian, i went to my dress rehearsal practice thingie for tomorrow. we did lots of sound checks, and played with lights. fun. but everyone was DAMN hungry. after practice, we went to wendy's. ordered, ate and chatted about alot of random stuff.


Jan 28, 2009

if i want it from my heart, i'll find you for sure.

this is my journey to you

kimi he no tabi - mamiko noto

Blog 16


i didnt flail today. tehheehheehe.

i said hi. she said hi. and then she was all like...'hey, aren't you the one who....last semester before break?'


she remembered me. she REMEMBERED me. SHE REMEMBERED ME.
i dont think she remembered my name though. laughoutloud.

she was cute though. when we were talking, she kept on smiling and looking away. i wanted to say: ' B'AAAWWW YOU'RE SO CUTE' and pinch her cheeks but i didnt. laughoutloud.

aside from her being cute, the 'conversation' was i guess kinda not really awkward. she probably felt awkward..which explains the fact that she wouldnt look me in the eye..er she did, but only for a short while.

but yeah.i let her go after she wished me 'good luck this semester'. she was hungry and all her classes were done so she was headed home. oh well. at least i talked to her.
imma try again tomorrow./blush.

anyways, so the funniest thing happened today when abril, jessica and i were walking to class. this random black guy with a grill was on the phone and was all like:


ohmaigosh. we started cracking up. pahahahhahaa.

trig. passed by quickly. had a pop quiz. flailed. wooo. i dont care about the unit circle....

oh man, prof. bredek was doing her lecture thing..and she was all like 'RRRRRRR' and i repeated after her. she laughed, everyone looked at me.

i was thinking about pirates at the time.


Jan 27, 2009

i want you to find me right now

and hold me tight

lonely in gorgeous - tommy february6

Blog 15




saw her.

watched her leave.



anyways. long day.

OHMAIGOSH, i watched The Cat Returns today....im in love with Baron the superawesome cat. if he was a real person, i'd go for him. /heart.

the movie was sooooooo goood! im soo glad Anji brought the movie. i was seriously mesmerized by the movie. laughoutloud.


italian - quiz on thursday. woooot.

biopsych. - made my back hurt. laughoutloud.



Jan 26, 2009

i wasn't ready to fall in love

but now im crazy about you, oh baby
i'm thinking of you day and night.

is this feeling love? - tommy february6

Blog 14



okay, no i dont. but i dont like this /frown.

this is the first time ive been sick of this feeling. i cant sleep. i dont eat that much. i get nauseated. and i just cant stop thinking about her.

everyday, i wonder...do i really want this ?

for the past couple of years, ive been trying to avoid being in these kind of situations. i didnt want to experience being hurt by 'love' nor did i want to hurt others with it. but i failed, horribly, and fell in love with someone who broke my heart.

i guess i dont want to go through that experience again.

but then again, maybe i do.

mehhhhh...maybe my heart is ready to move on and forget about the past?

i dunno.

whatever happens happens.

i just hope i have the guts/time to converse with her again.

anyways, enough of that emotional stuff.

so today. i drew a page full of epic stuff during trig. fun.
then tried to learn how to sing yellow's theme from loco roco.

apparently i was singing the song for about 3 hours......laughoutloud.



Jan 25, 2009

she's not an ordinary girl, i can see it in her eyes.

i saw her yesterday
and i've never felt a feeling like the one i felt today

every little thing - hawk nelson

Blog 13


srsly, i need to stop or im going to make myself sick. laughoutloud.


went to church.
dressed up all spiffey like with my suit jacket, deap blue sea jeans, and snake scarf thing fishie gave me for christmas and the boots i always wear. eheh.


if you're happy and you know it clap your hands! /clapclap.


then played animal charades.
everyone participated. more fun. /grin


i seriously do not have anything to talk about.


im just an ordinary boy.

er girl.

Jan 24, 2009

pinku generation daremo tome ra renai

pink generation - negima live action

Blog 12


no, i will not translate that, cuz i dont know what it means nor can i find translations. laughoutloud.

but yeah.


ded tired.

i cant believe i lost 5lbs in a week. /whao.
im not eating right, i think.

ah man, felicia'sgonna kill me ...

please dont kill me, fishie.

i luvv youuuu. eheh.

but yeah.
i hope i see her on monday. or imma cry. laughoutloud.
okay not really.

cchyeaahhh...i should go back to studying..



Jan 23, 2009

i'll be by your side whereever you fall

by your side - tenth avenue north

Blog 11


so today, i went to buy my books. YAY. now i can finally study and do homework. /laugh


after that, i went to practice. fun.


today was boring. /die/die/die
so gosh darn boring.

note to self:


im so bored.
so gosh darn bored!

i think i just repeated myself /CRY.


im done.

i think imma go back to studying soon. bio psych is really interesting.


its like...


Jan 22, 2009

tani shiricha yamuta bu-bu borecha acheku yamu chiricha shupo pa puraretar kar-bankooer-jeg

bu bu poruche - loco roco (yellow's theme)

Blog 10


kokorachem umburnii
tokeru shieka durou-jii
yeah-jau rippakuratu zabichi nakep-puu
jurareshi kamoorijei
yamfooer shibarijei
apuru shikijurapiu
juraranoim tomobarei nimpyu yarei

bani shiricha yamuta
bu-bu poruche acheku
yamu chiricha shupo
pa puraretar kar-bankooer-jeg(2x)

kokorachem umburnii
tokeru shieka durou-jii
yeah-jau rippakuratu zabichi nakep-puu
jurareshi kamoorijei
yamfooer shibarijei
apuru shikijurapiu
(noim tomobarei nimpyu yarei)
juraranoim tomobarei nimpyu yarei

bani shiricha yamuta
bu-bu borecha acheku
yamu chiricha shupo
pa puraretar kar-bankooer-jeg(2x)


bani shiricha yamuta
bu-bu poruche acheku
yamu chiricha shupo
pa puraretar kar-bankooer-jeg(2x)

im hella gonna learn how to sing this song. -grins-


classes today. forgot what happened in all of them...kinda. /sweatdrop.

doodled on the chalkboard walls in human sexuality
sang in front of people in choir
doodled more in italian.

oh man, so there was a pretty lady who sat kinda close to me in italian.


so pretty. /blush.


other than that..this week has been so damn long for me. my classes are awesome...but i have a couple of ridiculous breaks in between most of my classes. /sigh/sigh.

i wish i brought loco roco with me today.


Jan 21, 2009

i'm lost without you...i need you.

amazing, because it is - the almost

Blog 9



i just realized i talk about her in almost all of my blogs. MY GOSH, is this obsession? IS IT?! someone please tell me, im dying here. /ugh

i flailed today. i was going to talk to her today, but i never saw her after my trig. class. /dies this is killing me. but one thing is for sure...its be awhile since ive felt this way.

yes, i have to admit this, im hella crushing on her. /blush

hopefully, ill see her tomorrow and have the guts to talk to her. /sigh/sigh

so today, went to my trig class with abril. we both admitted that our professor's hot...she really is hot. /grin i think prof. bredek has finally seen the social side of me. i think she likes it. i think im attracted to her. LAUGHOUTLOUDOHMAIGOSH/BLUSH.

ohmaigosh, this girl who sat next to me hella got POWNED by prof. bredek! LAUGHOUTLOUD.



the girl was all like...we dont really need to be in this class and prof. bredek was all liek well you need this class for another class. then the dumb girl said well, if we dont take a higher class then we dont need to take this class. prof. bredek replied : "well, if you're in this class then you're obviously going onto a higher math level because its a prerequisite for another class."



gosh, she was so dumb. they basically repeated the exact same thing just in a different way each time. laughoutloud.

so yeah, after that, i waited for a really, really REALLY long time until band. band was good. kinda sat there until lishman gave me a flute like around the end of class to play. laughoutloud.

then abril, kelly, kaitlyn and i went to starbucks, gas station and home.


12 yearold randomly called me today. she wanted to sleep over the weekend since she was coming to town. laughoutloud.
i hope nothing weird happens. eheh.

so yeah, i got home and my dad was talking to his mom from laos. apparently, they were arguing about my dad's real father. liek.. my g-ma never told him who his real father. so, after 40 years, he finally found out who g-pa really was.

sad thing, though, g-pa is no longer living. i really wanted to meet him, to know more about him...to actually hug my real grandfather.

i just hope he has a tombstone of some sort, though i doubt he does.
i hope i go back to laos soon.

i want to say hello and goodbye to the grandfather i never had.

i love you, grandpa.
may your soul rest in peace. /love

Jan 20, 2009

the snow's coming down. edit.

christmas, baby please come home - anberlin

Blog 8


yes, im listening to christmas music. I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC! -hearts-

but yeah, today...was awesome.
went to my human sexuality class. teacher was interesting.

went to cafe cuz i wanted to drop my english class...then i realized that my english class was at 12:00pm, not 10:30am. so i was all like... OH MY GOSH. IM HELLA LATE FOR MY PSYCH. CLASS!!!! laughoutload.

i think i was like 15 minutes late.

then anji and i decided to enroll in italian with rabbiman. this class...is going to be FUN. laughoutloud.
hard, but fun.
i really cannot say my R's. and im having trouble saying the 'ce' and 'che'. HUUUHHHHGGGG!!!!

laughoutloud. the guy who was sitting in front of me was cracking up. -exdeeee- <---i dont know how to describe that emote.


but yeah, i want to take choir. hopefully i can get into it. if my bio. psych. teacher switches me into her tuesday night class, then i should be able too.
i really want to join choir.



if i do get into that tuesday night class, ill be coming home late. liek..LATE. maybe around 10:15pm, 10:30pm. i dunno.

oh fun.



oh yeah, i saw her today.
i melted inside. cuz she looked at me, only because abril looked at her when she was right in front of her.


i wonder if she remembers me and what i said to her.


Jan 19, 2009

Just sunshine and blue sky

still alive (junkie xl remix) - lisa miskovsky

Blog 7

sup homies?!!

i guess i will join you guys in your blog war. -grins-
i might loose though.

well, since i joined, i guess ill make a rule:

no use of 'lol' and 'omg' and other stuff like that.
instead, type it all out. liek:

laugh out loud. or oh mai gosh.


anyways, so today, i woke up with a bloody nose. -sticks out tongue-
then i mopped the kitchen floor while watching man vs wild.

afterwards, didnt do anything until i had to leave for practice. oh i invite all of you to join our youth rally/worship thing. here's our flier:


my brothers and i are preforming or leading worship with our other band members. it'll be fun. -smiles-

oh and our band name is called: F12

yeah, after 2 1/2 hours of practice, we all went home. teheheheehhe.

school tomorrow. i hella forgot i have three classes back to back tomorrow starting at 9am. laughoutloud.
motherrrr, i dont want to take english but i cant wait until my psychology classes. they'll be fun. -smiles-

i cant wait to see everyone!!!
stalkingstaring at people in the cafe, stealing intarnetz, and just chillen' with everyone...i hella miss that. -hearts-


Jan 18, 2009

Unswaying love, this important love...No one else is so precious.

Blog 6

lol i wanna do the whole song lyric thing too. eheh.

so the song is called 'the starry sky' by HAL from angelic layer. i like this song, its pretty catchy. especially the remix...well to me it is.

my favorite line from this song happanes to be:

'there is no need for sadness'


anyways. long, fun day today.

went to church. worshipped, looked after kids. fun. teheheh.

after church, we, my bros and i went to april's house to play video games. i played brawl for one round then PWNED april in pokemon stadium.


after that, we took HELLA pictures. like LOTS. some can be found on my myspace, others on fishie's...when she uploads them. lawl.

oh yeah and in between, my friend amanda and i, played some resident evil: umbrella chronicles. we totally PWNED those zombie's butts. but then we died and handed our remotes to my bro and our other friend.
fun times.
fun times.

but yeah, im really tired.
so imma stop writing cuz i have nothing else to say.
even though my day didnt sound like fun, it really was.

i wish i had more days like this, just hanging out with my friends. C:

mann, i cant wait until semester starts.


Jan 17, 2009

moarcheesecake. /edit.

Blog 5


i had moar cheesecake today. lol.

anyways, so today was a typical saturday.

went to church. practiced music, kept kids busy etc.

my saturdays usually involve lots of church activities...in the morning. evening...MEH, theres nothing to do.

is there a way to turn that off on MSN? or maybe i should use meebooooooooooo.

lol, i just watched fishie cook spaghettiii.
yay for webcamming. eheh.



/edit :

never have i been that drawn into 'How It's Made'

eheh. ice cream cones.

OH, rabbiman.

no, i am NOT stalking her.
she just happened to be there. lol

Jan 16, 2009


Blog 4

SUP PEEPS?!?!?!!!

i just had myself some cheesecake.

so today, i woke up to nothing. like, i just woke up.

yeah, so i went to ARC with fishie and jessica today. got me a perquisite for my biological psychology class. woo. that was exciting.
then we helped fishie look/carry her books and stuff. C:

SHE was there. i didnt expect to see her there but i did. although, i only caught a glimpse of her. i literally melted inside. eheh.

must i feel this way?
i dont want this to happen.

oh well, i just hope we can become friends.
but i think she thinks that im weird and probably doesnt want to talk to me.
MEH. WHATEVER, im good since i told her...or am i?



after that, we went to foothill to visit some peoples.
they left while i stayed.

i basically was trying to spike my hair with the hair gel that was in the guard closet. actually, billy and i were doing it to together. my hair wouldnt stay up though. which made me really really sad. however, billy succeeded.

billy still sucks.

you fail billy.
you fail horribly.

but we still love you, you just dont realize it. LOL.

or DO YOU?!

after that, it was game time. the basketball game was actually pretty good. in fact it was INTENSE.
everyone was on the edge of their seats cheering for their home team.
we, or at least i, kept on saying



' OHHH! YOU JUST GOT PWNED!' -waveshandinface-

lol, and then james tried to take a picture of me. i stole his phone and took lots of horrible pictures of myself for him.



Jan 15, 2009


Blog 3

sup homies?!!!

im full of food. er..
fast food.

well, today was a pretty eventful day.

orly? you ask.

yes rly. i respond.


today started off with the DMV. i had my brother, king, take me to the DMV so i could renew my permit cuz apparently, it expired in june of 2008. it was actually really quick.

i got my number, went to the window that called me, got my permit test thing etc. you guys know the whole procedure. it took me about ten minutes to complete the test and surprisingly, i didnt miss anything. WOO. the lady was who corrected my test was really nice. she put a BIG 100% and a smiley face in one of the zeros. i love the roseville DMV.

after that, i made king let me drive his car, cuz i can. i drove to ARC to get some stuffz then to the ARCO on walerga..did i spell that right?..and then home. WOO!

then i played me some finaly fantasy V cuz i was bored and had nothing else to do.

but yeah, i just came back from a concert at rosemont high school alllll the way in east sacramentoooooooo. they were...okay. the beginning band was just like a beginning band, orchestra was alright too and the marching(more like drum corps) was well theres only one word i can describe them and that is BLASTY.

if i were a regular non-musician person thing, i would have said that the marching band was AWESOME. but since im not...MEH. they were very unarticulate and had no dynamics whatsoever. if there were to compete on street, they would place...if they're marching was super awesome.

it was all good though. eheh.

anyways, after that i went to in and out with my lil bro and our AWESOME friend who took us alll the way to rosemont high. i totally do not like in and out. i cannot taste their meat.


so ive been listening to a song over and over again. its called usagi no
it makes no sense whatsoever.

here's the lyrics translated:

today, mr. fish jumped into the air
dan don all the sea gulls were thrilled
kittens riding the wind, hello
it's okay, it's okay, it's good. all right!

yeah, basically usagi's telling everyone how she got the food. LUL.

i personally like the kaguya shin densetsu version instead of this one, which is kaguya shin densetsu kaiteiban. but i couldnt find that version
you guys probably dont know what im talking about. eheh.

i just realized i have a crapload of things to talk about...
but i'll write about it later.

oh yeah, and Anji, im changing my last name to 'Chao'


Jan 14, 2009


Blog 2

sup, homeslices?!

i be eating ice right now.

well today, i went to the court house to change my last name. it was a long procedure. we had to go to this 2-hour workshop to fill out paper work, then we went to turn the papers. now, i have to wait until february 27th to see whether or not my name is approved. actually, i have to wait until the 26th of february cuz apparently, the court house publishes what it does for courtcases the day before around 2pm. yeahh...

i dont really know how to do stuff around here. i tried to change my template but it wouldnt work. and i dont know how to follow people. WOO. yay for being a newbie.

so here at my house, we've been dealing with these kids who ding dong ditches us. its really annoying, liek reallly annoying. my lil bro and i told my dad and i was all like:

"`ey dad, you should disable the doorbell"

and he did, surprisingling.


also my lil bro and i established the fact that:

if you ding dong ditch a house once, you succeed. if you do it twice, you epically fail. this is because you cannot find another house to ding dong ditch cuz you're too damn afraid of doing it to another house.

those kids fail horribly; i laugh at them.


i hate those kids with a passion.

i said to my lil bro, if i could, i would shoot them. because technically they're trespassing on our property. the only reason why i havent shot them yet is because of the fact that i DO NOT have a damn gun.


i need a gun.

woot, name change.

Blog 1

hello everyone!

i'd like to introduce myself, but...i'll save that for later. xD

well, im going to attempt to write a blog for everyday of the year of 2009. my friends started this and i was all liek: 'oh hey! i should try this too!' in my head.


but yeah, its 12:16 AM and, well, i'm not in bed yet. xD

yesterday, i basically played pokemanz all day, because i was too damn lazy to do anything else. i was suppose to go to the DMV but i didnt.

i hate the dmv.

today, im suppose to go and change my last name.
so, long story short:

my parents were manipulated into changing their original last name to the current one. well, at least my dad was. so basically, my current last name isn't my real last name. today, we decided that we wanted to take back our original last name so that we wont have to live under our false one.


im excited, but kinda sad, since i basically grew up with my false one.

i guess ill write another blog about today later on when i actually do something.
but yeah,

thanks for reading! C: <3