Feb 27, 2009

and the little bird goes MOO.

Blog 46

ahahhaah. i clicked on the "new post" thing like an hour ago..its 12:30am.

anyways. i went to ARC to get my dress, but dr. hughes wasnt there! i was all liek..wtf?!!?!!

then i went to foothill, bought my old economics teacher some french fries, laughed at her 6th period class. woo.

afterwards, went to the band room, people were playing mario party and super smash bros. melee. i didnt play. eheh.

yeah, the main reason why i went to foothill was to watch my lil bro play tennis. today, er yesterday was his 2nd tennis scrimmage and he did well. he won both of his matches. yay!

lets see, so my cousin, kat, and i were browsin DA and kat found some mienh people! we were LOLing soooooo hard. here, she drew a pictar:


lol. xD

1. pikari
2. reply to her comment on DL.
3. find something more interesting to talk about
4. sleep.

Feb 26, 2009

'ello chao!

Blog 45

so today, i decided to drop my human sexuality class but i think i wont. today we were suppose to have a test, but prof. smith canceled the class which means i still have monday to take the vagina test. eheh.


i went to choir. sang.
stayed in cafeteria for awhile

went to italian. woo.

went back to cafeteria and now im home. WOO.

i honestly do not remember what i did today. oh yeah. rabbiman and i made up a little song thing before choir. this is how it goes:

fork and knife! lolspoon.
go to the bathroom!


my little brother's first tennis scrimmage was today. i couldnt make it since italian was at around the same time the scrimmage began. but yeah, he was playing doubles and won 10-6. go yow! he has another scrimmage tomorrow so imma go to that too. C:

by the way, i am legally a chao now! no more mispronouced last names. woo! good bye keokhongsy, im going to miss you.

1. pikari.
2. choir
3. something
4. sleep.

i want you in my pants, ziggy. <3

Feb 24, 2009


Blog 44.

today i went to class. talked about seizures. woo. i still need to pass the female anatomy test or i wont be able to take my human sexuality class. eheh.

im in class right now.

ill write more later, hopefully. or just write another blog.

2. go home
3. eat.
4. blog.
5. work on my lesbians
6. sleep.

Feb 23, 2009

...because i can.

Blog 43

i totally didnt feel like updating my last blog so yeah.

tehe. im working on my lesbians right now.

now, you guys are probably wondering what the hell im talking about. well, my cousin, Kat, has been working on creating a manga. she wanted a straight, gay and lesbian couple so she asked me to create lesbians for her manga since im supposedly an 'expert' in yuri. laughoutloudnoimnot.

anyways. so i did. well at least one of them.i named her isabella because im in love with that name.

in kat's manga, each person is part of a class.isabella is part of the fighter class. which is basically what her title is: a fighter. each fighter has a weapon they use to fight with. in isabella's case, she can control a thousand needles which can be manipulated into any kind of weapon.

her ideal weapon: pimp cane.

no joke.

laughoutloud. well, i want her ideal weapon to be a pimp cane but i doubt the writer/author would allow that.

she also uses her needles to puncture pressure points just like haku from naruto but she rarely does this.

isabella is suppose to look like a doll. or at least thats how i want her to look like. she has red eyes and long straight silver hair that shines in the moonlight.

im currently contemplating on whether or not she should have glasses.

she wears a two piece outfit composed of an elegant black top and a pure white dress. she also wears a black collar to hide a scar on her neck. why she has that scar? you'll have to read kat's manga to find out for yourself.

she looks like this:

this is a rough sketch of her so ill probably change a couple of things later.

isabella is suppose to be an elegant, reserved, mysterious and a gentle kind of person. she's also very self-sacrificing to the point where she's willing to give up her own happiness in order to make others happy especially for her lover, arisu.

isabella believes in peace and harmony with others and tries to refrain from fighting and using her weapon. in turn, her belief causes others to question why she became a fighter in the first place.

instead of acting on her role as a fighter, she chooses to be a defender. basically, she uses her fighting techniques to protect others. so, she's always stuck with protecting neutrals like arisu. well, she protects arisu the most.

neutrals are people who refuse to choose a specific class, by the way.

i basically based isabella off of myself. try to figure out which traits are mine. tehe.

1. pikari
2. work more on isabella
3. work on arisu
4. sleep

i just want isabella to be a character people will come to love.

and i want her to be awesome...an awesome lesbian!


Blog 42

woo. update later.

1. go home.
2. pikari.
3. choir
4. work on my lesbians
5. sleep.


Feb 22, 2009

no srsly.

i listen to the same song soooo many times its not even funny.

Blog 41

tehe. went to church. yay church!
went home.

i am hella bored.


1. pikari
2. draw my character designs for isabella and alice
4. find something to do.
5. eat.
6. sleep

'they'res so many gay! WAAAHH!!!'

Feb 21, 2009

i would feel your voice

i find only you.

crystal energy - kuribayashi minami (mai-otome 2nd op.)

Blog 40


epic drawing from last night. my friend jacob was playing tunes on the piano and i had to draw whatever was on my mind to each tune. funfunfunfunfufnfufnfufnfufnffufn.

today, i went to church. then went home. then went to another church. then went to subway. i hate subway. then went home. and now im on the computar!


animemode o n.

so ive been watching this anime for the past couple of days.its one of my favorites.


is what its called. its basicallly about all these virgin girls who attend and train at a school, Garderobe, in order to become OTOMEs. OTOMEs are bascially bodygaurds to royalty of various kingdoms. when an OTOME is injured, their master also feel the exact same pain. so, if an OTOME is killed, then their master dies with them. woo.

mai-otome is basically the second season of the anime mai-hime. even though its the second season, its totally a different story with a different main character compared to mai-hime.

mai hime~

is about a girl, mai tokiha, who transfers to a school, fuka academy. there, she learns she learns that she is a HIME, along with other girls. all these girls first fight off monsters but ultimately battle each other in the end to protect the one who's most dear to their hearts. here, ill explain:

each HIME has a CHILD. CHILDs are creatures that are summoned by the HIMEs to battle. each HIME has someone who's most dear to them. these people are connected to a HIME's CHILD. if the CHILD is destoryed or killed, then, that person is killed and the HIME looses her powers.

both of these animes are really good. i love them. /heart.

i have yet to watch mai-otome zwei and mai-otome o~S.ifr~. i should watch them. laughoutloud.

i wanna talk about my favorite characters but ill save that for the next blog or two. YAY, i finally have something to talk about, other than my life. eheh.

1. pikari
2. get mai-hime
3. find zwei and o~S.ifr~
4. watch mai-otome
5. sleep.

ahah. im in love with you...kinda.

Feb 20, 2009

ill never be the same

I'm caught inside the memories

never be the same - red

Blog 39

wow. im really tired for some odd reason.

today, i drove for two hours. then went to foothill to pick up a job application. i went to barrett's class and GOT FED. next time i go to foothill, im hella going to barrett's 5th period class to get food. so gooood!

i talked to my friend chi throughout the whole period. i love chi. and chi loves me. laughoutloud.

so abril and a couple of friends of mine decided to play duck hunt and super mario in the tiny guard closet with the tv in it. it was fun.

i stayed there until after the girl's varisity basketball game was over. they pwned. 51-36. go girls!

yeah. so i finished my drawing project! i actually finished it last night. eheh.




1. pikari
2. get rid of hiccups
3. sleep.


Feb 19, 2009

secret valentine

we'll hope it's not for nothing at all

secret valentine - we the kings

Blog 38

you know what's worse than t-virus infected people? super t-virus infected asian ninjas. no seriously, we would not be able to stand a chance with their amazing stealth and ninjaness. hey, you all know theres going to be an inevitable zombie invasion. YOU KNOW IT. lets just hope that theres no t-virus thing. but then again, lets hope we dont get like, left 4 dead zombies with their boomers that vomit on you, hunters that jump on you, smokers that wrap their tongues around you from afar and witches who just tear you appart...

oh sh-t, we're all screwed. not even light sabers can save us.

one thing for sure is that i would turn into a zombie. i would not be able to survive! to be honest, i wouldnt want to survive. one of the reasons i wouldnt want to survive is the fact that i would not have to strive to survive every single day of my damn life. i would give my life anyday if there was a zombie invasion. well, i would give my life while saving someone...or accidentally tripping from running away from them zombies.


ohsigh. i still think about the pacman sometimes. like what the pacman is doing, or where the pacman is at. i still like to look at the pacman and i still like the pacman. i sometimes wish that something happened between us. no, i hoped that something happened. am i bummed about this? yes, i honestly am. the pacman is also one of the reasons why im sick too. go me. i never thought that the pacman would affected this much but i guess the pacman did. oh well. whatever happens happens and i cant do anything about it. tehe.

anyways, today we had a discussion in human sexuality about double standards. the stupid girl who sat on the other side of the room pissed me off soo much. SHE WAS SO FREAKIN STUPID. OHMAIGOSH I WANTED TO SLAP HER! i dont remember what she was talking about since i drowned out her voice but she was sooo annoying and stupid.

not to sound mean or anything, but




so after human sexuality, went to choir. s'alright. i got to sit next to destiny again. other than those who hang out with me in choir, she's the only other person i talk to in choir. oh, her and yelena, the lady who sat two seats away from me to my left.

i sat kinda close to ziggy. i wanna do ziggy. ohmai. im lusting. thats bad. thats very bad. i blame margaret cho. she's really influencing me. damn you margaret cho. damn you.

after choir, went to italian. had a test. i say i got a low B, high C. go me!

then, david and i started drawing in the cafeteria. we drew kingdom hearts stuff! woo! apparently, i have a drawing project. i have to draw myself with the clothing i was wearing in david's epic dream. teheeeeeeee.

oh, thank you, anji for buying me food. i really appreciate it. /heart.

to do list:
1. pikari
2. play megaman
3. let mom use the computer
4. eat
5. sleep

moraaan? mooorraaannn?!?!! MORAN!

Feb 18, 2009

happy! happy!

ai yori houseki kaguya shima - sera myu (kaguya shima densetsu)

Blog 37

so i figured that i should jot down some stuff here before i post it later tonight since i always forget what i do during the day.


king and i were driving to campus today, and this lady or person car thing infront of us failed. first he/she/it let this other car pass but there was this other car that was waiting on the other side so he/she/it hesitated to move forward. finally, the other car turned and we moved on but the light turned red and i was all like:


i apologized to king afterwards for yelling. i apparently yell alot in the car...like at other cars or people. or at like big rigs. my church friends thinks its funny whenever they're in the car and the hear me yelling. see, this is why i dont drive. i have road rage. i dont flip people off though, i just make weird gestures and yell. tehehe.

the one thing i dont like about this world is the fact that it is full of annoying people. and gonad is unbelievably annoying. liek. unbelievably ANNOYING. sometimes i wonder how the minds of annoying people work, but then again, i always wonder how everyone's minds work...especially mine.

i am really addicted to margaret cho!

to do list:
1. pikari
2. go to jack-in-the-box
3. go to class
4. cook
5. eat
6. pikari
7. sleep

'what do you mean im a f-cking cock? i am not a rooster! im no chicken!'

Feb 17, 2009

uhh, i went to the market to get a chicken head

but i didnt have enough money so i had to sell my finger

margaret cho.

dont know which video tour thingie it was from.

Blog 36




1. pikari
2. get rid of heartburn
3. biopsych.
4. go home
5. skip dinner
6. sleep.

i have too much a-- in the a--master book!

Feb 16, 2009

hello, my name is gwen and im here to WAAAAAAAAARRSH your vagina.

hi, my name is gwen and im here to WAAAAAAAAARRRSHHH your vagina.
oh im sorry, no im not, im sorry. no im not, im sorry. no no no.
no im not, im sorry. no no no.
no, i need to renew my driver's lisence.
im so sorry sir!

im the one that i want - margaret cho.

Blog 35

i dont know what i did today. oh yeah:

stayed in bed. played megaman legends. cooked. played more megaman legends. went back to bed played MORE megaman legends.

i was listening to margaret cho while playing megaman. ahah.

so yeah. thats all i really did.

to do list:
1. pikari
2. biopsych.
3. play megaman legends.
4. sleep.

hey, gwen, you totally rocked me! i can not get it that clean at home!

Feb 15, 2009

...... Sailor Busters!

sailor busters - sera myu

Blog 34


i woke up to a fever and i was sweating. ew. and no, i wasnt having a naughty dream. laughoutloud. i also had a headache. blech. then i threw up right after i ate breakfest. woo.

took a shower, went back to sleep. woke up. did some stuff for mom. then decided to not go to church cuz i was just that damn sick. yeah, mom was all like "go eat something before you pass out" right before my family left for church.

i had cereal. eheh.

i dunno, i have nothing else to say but liek...IM ADDICTED TO MARGARET CHO.

1. pikari
2. listen to more margaret cho
3. biopsych
4. call kevin
5. pikari
6. sleep

'i know youre gay! i know you are a big lesbian and you need to come out of the closet and admit it to yourself and everybody! everybody think youre gay anyway. i dont know what your problem is. you need to look in the mirror and say "im here! im queer!" and um..i..i forgot it but you know because youre gay!'

Feb 14, 2009

insert song lyrics

insert song title

Blog 33.

im sick sick sick!

happy valentines day everyone!

to do list:
1. pikari.
2. sleep.

just sick sick sick!

Feb 13, 2009

who are those little girls in pain just trapped in a castle in a darkside room

twelve of them shining bright in vain like flowers that blossom just once in years
theyre dancing in the shadow like whispers of love just dreaming of a place where theyre free as dove
theyve never been allowed to love in this cursed cage
its only the fairy tales they believe
its the fairy tale - Alissa Sears (Miyamura Yuuko)

i kinda feel like im one of those girls.

Blog 32

Blog 32
Blog 32!!

i woke up early this morning with a headache and my throat was hurting. my dad woke me up and was all like: "WAKE UP, WE GONNA GO DRIVING" and i was all like: " MEEEEEEEEHHH"

yeah, we decided to not drive but after agreeing, dad was all like "WE GONNA GO TO A FUNERAL" laughoutloud. after an hour or so, i decided not to since i wasnt feeling well.

dad dragged king along instead.

last night, i finally finished making my valentine her card. its kinda like the pacman's but just a little bit different. i really like it. eheh.

to do list
1. pikari
2. study for biopsych
3. pikari
4. sleep.

hi, my name is gwen and im here to WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRSHHH your VAGINA.

Feb 12, 2009

at the bottom, it is a dark and endless tomorrow

to meet, to say goodbye under the blue sky.

sajou no uta - dir en grey

Blog 31

this song is by far one of my favorites by dir en grey.
it talks about how this person met and fell in love with another around the end of summer. then the person left the area, because i think that person went there for vacation or something. eheh. later in the spring, the person went back to that place to search for the other person but she was nowhere to be found.


last night, i made a valentines day card for the pacman. took me about two hours. i gave it to her but i dunno. i guess im kinda bummed right now because of the way the pacman treated me...well, not really since i have something to look forward to on valentines day. i mean, the pacman didnt really do anything but the pacman was apparently being mean to me according to KT. eh. laughoutloud. i think i should let go of the pacman. if the pacman won't accept my feelings, then what's the point in trying? maybe we werent meant to be friends. oh well, im sure theres someone out there who will take the time to realize who i am and accept the feelings i have for that person.

i dunno, i dont think itll be hard to let go of the pacman, since i didnt really get attached to the pacman.


i still have to finish making my valentine her gift and send it. i was going to finish it last night but i spent soo much time on the card i made for the pacman. hopefully, my valentine will appreaciate or even like/love whatever i made for her.

i really did put alot of heart into that damn card i made for the pacman. i should have taken a picture of it before i gave it to the pacman. that card was pretty spiffin'

to do list:
1. go to italian
2. sleep with my eyes open
3. go home
4. cook
5. talk to someone who'll make me feel better
6. attempt shoot zombies
7. pikari
8. sleep.

hold on, hold on
somebody loves you.

Feb 11, 2009

hold on, hold on someone will find you

hold on, hold on
somebody loves you.

hold on - abandon

seriously, this is my new favorite song.

Blog 30

i really do not remember what i do during the days. i think i should carry a notepad write down whatever i do during the day so i can tell you guys about it. laughoutloud...my gosh, ive had this thing open for the longest time EVER.

but yeah, ZIGGY. everytime i see ziggy, i seem to get more sexually attracted. its like...i'd do ziggy at anytime, anywhere. IM DEAD SERIOUS. if ziggy was here right now, i'd do ziggy.


no i will not tell you guys who ziggy.

-attempts to remember stuff-

went to class. took a test. did horribly. OH YEAH! i took webcam pics with abril, fishie, kevin and KT!



to do list:
1. pee
2. finish making valentine gift for my valentine.
4. study for biopsych.
5. choir stuffz.
7. pikari
8. sleep.

i neeeeeeeeeeeeeed to be more brave.

Feb 10, 2009

if you feel what i feel /edit.

you should take what i take

star guitar -shinichi osawa ftr. au revoir simone

Blog 29

im sitting in class right now, bummed because i didnt see the pacman today. im also wondering if i dont talk to the pacman alot or connect with the pacman, then these 'feelings' will probably disappear. eh. ohwell. im sure there's someone out there who'll accept my feelings for them. /smile.

well, today, went to human sexuality. apparently i dont know the difference between clitorus and my elbow. i have to take the test again in order to pass the class, better yet, continue on with the class. im kinda wondering whether or not i should drop this class.

laughoutloud. we watched a video in that class. it was about brain sex. yeah, i dont remember what it was exactly about because i was half-asleep. after the video, we started having discussion about whether or not homosexuality was tied to biological stuff. the discussion almost made me late for choir.

i noticed that there were a couple of homophobes in the class. and a couple of people who accepted homosexual people.

i sat in the back just listening. eheh.

afterwards i went to choir. sang. and left to the cafeeeeeee.

edit: no seriously, im sexually attracted to this person in choir....

i went online to check my mail and recieved a message from prof. martinelli saying that she was dealing with a bad flu. poor italian teacher. i really hope she gets better.

so yeah, i had to wait for about 7 hours until my next class started. in between i started to go on an mIRC with anji. had HELLA fun saying " YOU HAVE NO LIFE!" to people. well actually i was yelling at my laptop screen. i think people were staring at me. laughoutloud. i think im going to enjoy IRC stuff.

laughoutloud. my biopsych. prof. is talking about pacman. or using pacman as an example...something about enzymatic degradation. where the enzymes break down the neurotransmitters. tehe.

woo! breaktime!

this hot chocolate is hot liek, burning hot.

so yeah. i have a valentine this year. YAY. she lives in SoCal. i like her personality, but there are a couple of things i disapprove of her. not that im saying she shouldnt do what she's doing, its just i dont like it. laughoutloud.

she's cute. /blush.

oh crap. i forgot to call king about dinner.

to do list:

1. stay awake for the rest of biopsych.
2. finish this hot chocolate
3. wait in the cold for king to take me home
4. go home
5. eat.
6. do homework
7. study for trig test
8. shoot zombies
9. go over biopsych.
10. train felicia
11. pikari
12. sleep

i want a shy girl.

Feb 9, 2009

oh well I don't mind, if you don't mind.

'cause I don't shine if you don't shine
before you go, can you read my mind?

read my mind - the killers

Blog 28

im still addicted to disturbia. laughoutloud.


i woke up with a headache today. woot. then went back to sleep. then went to class. woo.

after that, i stayed inside the cafe for the longest time EVER.

oh i did say "hi" to the pacman. but it didnt last for long. i feel like im bothering the pacman. i guess this is why im afraid to talk to the pacman. laughoutloud.

oh well. im at my awesome white brother's house. i dunno what we're going to do but yeah.

to do list:
1. pikari
2. study for biopsych
3. do math hwk.
4. the pacman.
5. sleep.

Feb 8, 2009

with a taste of your lips im on a ride

toxic - britney spears

Blog 27

because i already did womanizer

my cousin kat says im a womanizer. laughoutloud. hikariono. /heart.

anyways so today, i went to church. apparently, maa and i wore the same kinda jacket...you know my white/biege jean jacket? she wore her blue one soooo yeah. i guess today was a mother and daughter thing.

so theres this kid at my church. he's part of the korean congregation. the korean congregation is really small and he's the only kid there. so he stays outside doing whoknowswhat. my congregation has its youth/children go into the youth room everytime we're done with worship, and i always see him by his lonesomeself. kinda makes me sad. i try to invite him to join our group everytime i see him but he always declines. laughoutloud. i finally asked him his name last week and made him smile because i gave him something to munch on. it was sooo cuteeeeee. i did the same thing today and was all like:

" heyyyy! -insertnamehere- how are you?"

laughoutloud. i couldnt really understand what he was saying because he was so shyyy. but i was all like:

"oh hey, i got something for you. "

after saying that i gave him a ring pop. he smiled the cutest smile and was all like "thank you!"

laughoutloud. i didnt really give him the chance to speak, since i was kinda busy, but i made him smile and that made my day. SOOO CUUUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.


well, its been year...if you guys understand what that means. im afraid that i havent let go yet. like, ive moved on but didnt let go. i need to stop this or ill never be able to let go.


i miss sabrina.


laughoutloud. best conversatioin with kat a couple of hours ago. she randomly IMed me on MSN and was all like: " shy girls are the cutest". she was talking to me about a manga she was reading. there was was a minor character who no one really noticed and she was apparently cute. then we went on about how that minor character was kinda kinda like me. laughoutloud. the conversation ended with me plotting to find someone like that and kat helping me out. -rollingonthefloorflailing-

anyways. right now im not doing anything, attemptinng to study biopsych. but FAILING horribly.

to do list:
1. learn how to c-walk
2. pikari
3. the pacman.
4. eat
5. biopsych
6. pikari
7. attempt to talk to my friend from the city of angels
8. shoot more zombies
9. pikari
10. sleep


Feb 7, 2009

I want to hug and kiss you nearly every time I see you

fourteen - the vandals

lol, patrick, thanks for the song. ehehehehe.

Blog 26

im waiting for disturbia. anji requested it on 100.5 the zone...so im waiting for it.

but yeah, my friend patrick is at my house right now playin left 4 dead with mah bro. abril's with us too.

my back hurts.

to do list:
1. pikari
2. the pacman
3. shoot zombies.

Feb 6, 2009

ive been dying to get out and that might be the death of me

And even though
there’s no way in knowing where to go
promise I’m going because
I gotta get outta here

be my escape(piano tribute) - relient k

Blog 24


it popped hella times today.

so today, i woke up, went back to bed then woke up again. then i had to drive...drove for about 2 hours.

after that, i went with fishie to her dance studio to watch her dance. it was awesome and cooool.
and then sizzelers!

thank you mrs. concepcion! /heart.

i dont..feel like writing.

to do list:
1. pikari
2. get a light saber
3. get a FULL body massage from a sexy lady.
4. sleep.


Feb 5, 2009

womanizer, woman-womanizer

you're a womanizer.

womanzier - britney spears

Blog 24

because i am.

so today, i went to human sexuality, took test. went to choir. then sat in the cafe again for like ever.
im still there. laughoutloud.



my back hurts

to do list:
1. pikari
2. go home
3. learn to c-walk again.
4. sleep.


Feb 4, 2009

im lookin for a love, im on the hunt

you couldnt stop it if you tried.
i wouldnt let it pass me by.
the only way to know we'll last.
is if we let the sadness pass.

dreamhunt - the rubies ftr. shinichi osawa

Blog 23


laughoutloud. i do not remember what i did to day.

uhhhh....i went to trig. played dr. mario.
sat in the cafe for like EVER.

oh yeah....I TOTALLY FINISHED 13 DAYS in HELL.<--the zombie/dead people game i was playing online.
it was hella intense. laughoutloud.

I DID THE PACMAN. though, i only said hi. the pacman always has the same reaction whenever i say hi to the pacman. /sigh/sigh.

why? why am i so afraid?

asdfjk;l, i just realized im attracted to people. whatever that means. ha.

WOO. test tomorrow in human sexuality.

and i hope martinelli is doing well since she's apparently really ill.


to do list:

1. pikari
2. study for human sexuality
3. play pokemon red
4. study biopsych.
5. learn how to c-walk
6. sleep.

-does the hand phone thing.-

Feb 3, 2009

shine /edit.

no seriously, this song is just instrumental stuff.

shine(mirror's edge main title) - alcorus

Blog 22




do as in talk to her.

you sick minded people.

im afraid for some reason...i dunno.

OHMAN, we were wearing like the same thing today! tehheheheheheheh.

anyways i guess im just waiting for my biopysch. class to start...waiting for alot of things..if you know what i mean.
but yeah. i really do not remember what i did today.

i skipped human sexuality, went to sectionals for choir, went to choir, blushed alot, ate lunch, did nothing but the intarnetz, went to italian, and came back to the cafeteria.

i dunno. i probably did something interesting but i forgot. laughoutloud.

yeah....................so bored.

i apologize for being so boring

to do list:

1. biopsych
2. take more notes
3. fall asleep with my eyes open
4. go home
5. study trig cuz apparently i have a quiz
6. study biopsych
7. do more choir
8. do the pacman.




Feb 2, 2009

what's wrong with me?

why do i feel like this?

disturbia - rihanna

Blog 21

lol, im still doing it.

okay so i have one rule in mind:

you must have a 'to do list' at the end of your blog each day. may it be important, random or retarded...just have a 'to do list'

i dunno, im not good at coming up with rules. eheh.

anyways, i walked ALOT today. abril and i and taylor went to naughty and nice. i stared and questioned alot of things...i want their gloves. then abril and i went to sunrise mall to find me a skirt...man i need a credit card.

no seriously, guys, anyone wanna buy me a skirt? or this outfit:


or any kind of plaid or pencil skirt?

MAN.i totally didnt do the pacman.


to do list:

1. study biopsych.
2. attempt to study italian
3. work on choir
4. do the pacman.


Feb 1, 2009


Blog 20

lol, blog twenty! :D

i dunno rules rules rules...i cant think of any. srsly. xD

so today, i went to church...yeah. fun. C:

when i got home, i took nap.

im tired