Aug 24, 2012

50 of my favorite things and 50 random stuff.

Well its been awhile!

A long long time ago, I created a list of 50 of my favorite things and 50 random facts for my 100th blog post. Well, it's been over 3 years and I decided to do another since I've changed a lot for better or for worse, idk. Haha. If you want to read what my previous favorites/random facts are, click here.

Here we go!

 50 of Taka's Favorite Things and 50 random facts

Favorite Names
1. Alice
2. Elliot
3. Nathan

Favorite Websites
1. Tumblr
2. Youtube (ChaoticMonki)
3. ...thats about it. I guess you can count Facebook since I'm on there all the time. haha.

Favorite Drinks
1. Peach Fanta!
2. Melon flavored Mirinda
3. Dr. Pepper
4. Honeydew Milk Tea with boba!
5. Orange Juice. weee

Favorite Music Artists
1. Anberlin. Fo shooooooo
2. Dir en Grey!!
3. Tommy February 6
4. Alphabeat
5. Thousand Foot Krutch/FM Static

Favorite Korean Bands( I added this)
1. Orange Caramel
2. After School
3. T-ara
4. Sunny Hill
5. Nu'est

Favorite Video Games
1. Odin Sphere
2. Chrono Cross
3. All the .hacks! weee!!
4. Eternal Eyes
5. Tetris - <3 p="p">

Favorite Article of Clothings
1. Scarves.
2. Jackets.
3. Coats.
4. Panties.

Favorite Myus
1. Kaguya Shima Densetsu - this musical made the most sense. really. haha
2. Eien Densetsu - another musical that made sense. the cast for this one was amazing and the story line kinda connected with the anime
3. Sailor Stars - same as above
4. Transylvania no Mori - this one was kinda confusing BUT pikari was vampiru. and each of the sailor scouts had their own theme song. [=

Favorite Myu Songs
1. Sailor War(the non-musical one)
2. All of You Shall Die - its fun to sing this song outloud. :D
3. Sailor Busters
4. Onna Kaizoku no Sakusen
5. Kick Out a Bloody Mystery

Favorite Things In Taka's Room
1. My husky puppy plush. :3
2. Sailor Moon wall scroll
3. .Hack//Sign wall scroll
4. Nedley! My cuddling bear. weee
5. Bed

Favorite Anime
2. Mai Hime/Otome/Zwei/0.Sifr~
3. .hack//SIGN
4. Sailor Moon
5. Ayakashi

Favorite Manga
1. Clover by CLAMP
2. Juvenile Orion
3. Zombie-Loan
4. Fushigi-Yugi
5. Negima

Now...onto the random list ( I kept some stuff)

1. I'm a super weirdo.
2. I have this thing for lips.
3. I STILL take really awesome notes when im SUPER bored in class.
4. If Dr. Hiro Tanaka from an episode of BONES was real, I'd marry him.
5. I love people with deep voices.
6. My favorite classical piece is 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky.
7. Sometimes I play with people's minds. It's fun.
8. Chihuahuas = hate.
9. I can't play scary games too much because I have a very vivid imagination.
10. I freakin love Jingping, China
11. I love blood and gorrree.
12. I have 1 and 1/2 tonsils. xDDD
13. SPACECHORD is fun.
14. I wanna be a Neuroscientist! Donate your body to science so I can dissect your brain! WEEEEEEEEE
15. aquariums = love.
16. If I could, I would make sweet sweet sweet love to Kahi. That's weird.
17. I apparently make lots of faces.
18. I prefer cold over hot.
19. My broken laptop's name is glucose.
20. eggsss. <33 p="p">
21. I like to pretend to be ghetto with my friend Abril cuz we iz craazzzaayy. OKURR.
22. I beat house of dead 4 with my friend amanda.
23. I like being by myself.
24. I can't really taste chow mein.
25. Don't fall in love with me.
26. ^^i used to think that way^^
27. I'd rather be called a prince than a princess
28. Campfires are awesome
29. I can't go to sleep without holding onto something like my pillow, blanket, teddybear etc.
30. I am horrible at telling jokes. Yo momma.
31. People treat me like a kid sometimes.
32. I'm more mature now. kekeke.
33. I have a hard time projecting my voice
34. I like to bite/chew on things.
35. I've learned to let go.
36. My wardrobe is mostly black/grey/white....but I wear brightly colored undergarments. Especially panties. :3
37. I've been a feet away from a real tiger.
38. I can't write for crap
39. Providing comfort and listening to others is what i do best.
40. I have no eye dear.
41. I admit that I am a romantic fool.
42. I'm usually always tired nowadays.
43. I can't really get mad at anyone.
44. I'm not racist by definition.
45. Sarcasm is my middle name even though it's Mey.
46. I freaking love nice legs. like. DAYUM.
47. I randomly lick stuff when no one is watching.
48. I love being held or holding someone.
49. I get uncomfortable/paranoid when someone touches my back
. 50. ask me anything and i'll answer it...maybe. lol. XDDDD