Mar 21, 2010

Seafood in moderation.

This whole week was like sushi week for me. I went to two sushi restaurants; Texwasabi on Arden and Futami on Freeport.

Abril might dislike me for this. I apologize in advance.

Monday was Jordan's birthday. We went to Texwasabi. If a cowboy and a traditional japanese person had a baby, Texwasabi would be the result. Except the baby is more cowboy like. The atmosphere there was very college-age/non-teen like. If you get what i mean. it was very...i dont know. haha. but yeah, the place had great sushi.

Saturday i went to Futami Japanese Restaurant. It was my friend's birthday so i went there to celebrate it. The place is really traditional. They had a tatami room equiped with the kotatsu tables and slide doors and everything. haha. it looked like this:

i think the tables are called kotatsu...i dont know.

The food was pretty good. Though i kinda got disgusted with all the sushi my friends ordered. I can't have too much seafood or i'll hurl. P: and i did! When i left the restuarant, i hurled in my mouth. ew. and then i swallowed it. HAHA. It wasn't the restaurant's fault. i just had too much seafood.


Today is also Jaci's birthday. i was invited to go to her birthday bash at Mikuni's, another Sushi place, but i decided not to go. I'd probably hurl like ferreal there. and i don't have any money, ATM. haha.

Happy birthday girls!

anyways, there's this cute girl at church. Her name is Elizamey. I probably spelled her name wrong but the way it's pronouced is the "Eliza" from "Elizabeth" and "May" put together. Isn't it such a cute name?! and she's soo adorable. haha.

she's only two or so years old. [=

She's soooo cute when she's playing in the playground. She'll go WEEEEEE to the simplest things. haha. so cute! XDD! She was going down a little little slide and she was all like WEEEEEEEEE. and on the swings she was all like.... WEEEEEEEEEE!!! xD


i got a mosquito bite on my forehead. how lame is that? P:


i hate it when people guys flirt with me. > _>

Mar 17, 2010

concert week.

these next couple of days are basically concert days. yesterday, there was a choir concert. Tonight, there's going to be a vocal jazz concert and tomorrow there's gonna be a band concert. YEE! haha. there's plenty more but i don't remember.

i think i'm going to skip my last class to go to the vocal jazz concert. i really hate my class. xD
or like not go to my class. P:

choir concert was alright. this was our lineup:

Weeping Mary
I can sing till the spirit...
Go down moses

our best song was probably I Can Sing. i dont know hahah.
i really liked Sumaguaza. It's like a coming of age song where the kid/son is all like OH I DOn'T NEED MY MOMMA TO BE A MAN ANYMORE. [=

weeping mary was probably our worst. and ritmo too.
oh well. we'll get them ready for the next concert.

For tomorrow's band concert, we're playing:

Salvation is created
Summon the heroes
Semper Fidelis
Universal Judgement.

yay. fun. haha.

my tummy burns. D:

Mar 4, 2010

Well, let's see how much i can write in 5 minutes.

i'm going to go and pick up king and yowty soon.
hopefully yowty picks up his phone.

today at school, i found out that i passed my test. [=
and that my professor is still preggo!

some preggo people annoying.
especially the one in choir.

choir was alright. Greg, a student studying conducting/music/whatever, directed us today. dr. hughes went to his annual conference thingie so he was absent. O:
greg is too nice. really.

i just found out about more preggo stuff i didn't want to know about.

went to work today. some of the kids weren't there but oh well. taught piano to one of the girls. we played in the backyard. had grilled cheese sandwhiches and then i taught them a game that made them go PEW PEW PEWWWWW until their dad came and picked them up. xD

i have to pick up yowty now.
i think he had a tennis game.
according to donrico's(yowty's bff) foothill lost by like 1. D:!

doesn't that sucK?
oh well.