Oct 28, 2009

new layout much?

yeah, so my old layout kinda went bleh.
i think one of the thingie's picture host thing's bandwidth was exceeded...with porn


i mean, the picture probably doesn't exist anymore.
i really liked my old layout but this one is cute too.
it still matches my blog theme.


hi, are you still there?

how are you? [=

it's been awhile.

Oct 25, 2009


there are times when i feel like i should not be what i am.
gender wise.

i'm so tired of feeling so looked down upon just because i am female.
and i'm so tired of feeling so physically weak because i am female.
it makes me sad every time another man does some kind of heavy duty work that i can't accomplish just because of the fact that i'm built to be physically weak.

i also hate the double standards of women that have been imposed onto me.
and the stereotypical stuff.
just because i am female doesn't mean i want to do whatever females gotta do.

i want to be able to do what the stereotypical man does....whatever they do.

and this goes for sexual stuff too.
there are times when i do feel sexually attracted to another woman.
yes, i'd totally make out with another girl
and no, i am not a lesbian.
nor am i bisexual.

i am neither.

i still like men, but i don't at the same time.
it's the same with women.

there are times when i feel disgusted by both men and women because honestly the human reproductive system is incredibly disgusting.
in fact, i think it's just gross period.

now, am i gender/sexually confused?
most likely, but whatever.
it's who i am.

i'm sorry if this didn't really make any sense buttttt
i just wanted to say some things before i go crazy. [=

thank you for reading. [=

Oct 21, 2009


inflatable poop. HAHA.

hello world.

i'm tired.
and irritated.
and annoyed. haha.

i'm still in a pissy mood.
i need headphones.where's david?~?!?!!?! D:!!!

today was a fail day.
it started with me not wanting to wake up.
my baby class was canceled today so my 'first' and last class of the day starts a 4:30pm.

this really sucks.
and i need sleep too but i 'have' to wake up early because of someone. > _>
i'm really annoyed by him right now.
grow up person and stop taking advantage of usss D:
learn to drive!
i mean, we like you and all but i'm kinda tired of taking you everywhere.
and you expect us to agree with you all the time
i know you're being sarcastic and all but i'm tired of it.

there were also alot of cars that failed today. haha.

my T key is not really working.

cutest kid EVER!

yowty and i were all like....HE'S SOOo CUTE! WE CAN'T TAKE THIS MUCH CUTENESS IN ONE DAY!!!

this lady at my church has amazing adorable grandkids.

shut up.
i need to isolate myself from everyone before i go crazy. [=

Oct 15, 2009

i hate pho.

fer realz.
imma use it as a curse word now.
thanks april. C:

so this week is b-tchy/ fail week.

no i was not pmsing.
yes, i did get sleep.


more sleep = b-tchy taka.

i'm also really really glued to Final Fantasy Dissidia.
oh and the only reason why i was ignoring everyone while i was playing Dissidia was because i was taking out my b-tchness/anger/pissssssy...ness on it.

i'm sorry if i offended everyone. especially Jacob. i hope you're reading this. C: <3


anyways so onto Dissidia. the first story i went played was the Onion Knight's. HE'S SOOO CUTE. OMFG.
his attacks are quite fast and he's good in magic and physical attacks too.
i think i got a little bit better on Dissidia but i still need more...practice. especially with Sephiroth.

i love the Onion Knight. C: <3

anyways, i'm OFF to make a D&D character. WOO!