Dec 29, 2009

it's a to-do-list.

for what?
that is for me to know and for you to find out. [=

1. pikari.
2. then mio.
3. get throwing knives
4. learn how to throw knives.
5. grow out hair.
6. curl hair.
7. get class M driver’s license.
8. buy antique honda motorcycle.
9. buy some kinda sportsbike.
10. buy harley davidson motorcycle.
11. take a trip to vancouver, canada.
12. stay in vancouver, canada.
13. live in vancouver, canada.
14. find a teaching/daycare job in vancouver, canada.
15. knock on some random house and ask if i can use their bathroom.
16. find someone.
17. charm someone.
18. make someone faint with just a kiss.
19. pikari.
20. then mio.
21. have a child.
22. and name her Elliot.

there’s more…i know it. haha.
let’s see if i can follow this. [=

Dec 28, 2009

i think...

...i'm starting to get sick.

i was soooo tired on sunday and i kept on wanting to fall asleep.

i passed out last night around 9:30-10pmish.
then woke up like...45 minutes later
then knocked out until sometime around 5am.
then went back to sleep.
woke up again
and went back to sleep
then i finally woke up at around 1:30pmish. haha

during that whole time, i believe i had like....3 dreams o _o
all different, btw.
i only remember one though.

it had my whole family in it...and abril! :D <3

basically, the whole town, city, country/whatever was bombed
and we had to survive somehow off of the land and everything we could find.
it was weird
i think that dream made me realize how much i loved my family cuz we were all in it together trying to survive.

abril came later in the dream and my family was all like:

yeah, then i woke up. XD

yeah...break is going to be long. i can feel it o _o
tomorrow's gonna be awesome/sad..ish.

now, i gotta go and shower, clean, wrap presents i haven't given to david, abril and felicia and make a t-shirt!

yeeeeee! <3

i love you guys. ; 3; <3

Dec 24, 2009

"december 24th...

lawl, guys, i love myself.
just to let you know. [=

i'll contemplate stuff then forget about it ten seconds later! :3
sooo, if you worry about me, you shouldn't haha

cuz i'll always have Jesus with me. [=

love you all! <3

" a quarter till eleven is when he finally gained the courage to ask her to dance."

Dec 13, 2009


i will tell you how i feel.

i am prepared for the worst.

Dec 5, 2009


next semester is going to be...