Apr 29, 2009


Blog something.

i had a headache allll day tuesday and still today.
it was caused by high levels of stress and the speakers in the cafeteria
...mostly the speakers.

they made me cry cuz it hurt soooo much. ):

had italian test.


today, it started out stressful too. i was really late to my test but i was able to finish it in like....30 or so minutes.

after that, we attempted to watch pocahontasss
charile the unicorn became our entertainment at the table after pocahontas.

we were part of this thingie im not going to talk about cuz...eh. xD;
all i have to say is that it was a good experience. C:

after band i had a sectional with liz.
she laughed alot and i apologized to her alot.

it was actually a really good sectional. :D

went home.

yeh. O 3o



David's questions:
4/28 How would you want to be proposed to?
---> uh. i dont want to think about marriage. xD
in fact, i dont think i'll ever get married.

ahahhahaha. xD

4/29 If your life was like a movie, what movie would it be?
---> uhhhhhhhhhh


yeh...i know its not a movie....xD


my questions
4/28 - What's your dream job? :D

4/29 - favorite video game? C:

Apr 28, 2009

blog thatonenumber.

it's f-cking 3 in the morning.....what am i doing? D:~!

David's Questions:

4/22 - What bugs are you afraid of and are NOT afraid of?
---> butterflies. :D

4/23 - What was your biggest FAIL/Oolong Day moments?
---> hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, i can't recall, sorry. xD

4/24 - How'd YOU think we did during the festival?
---> i think we did awesome. xD

4/25 - What's the most memorable moment you've had in a bowling alley/arcade?

'nuff said.

4/26 - If you were a food, what food would you be?
---> myself. ;D

4/27 - If you were responsible for an epidemic, what would be the symptoms of your disease?
---> DEATH, B-TCH.



Anji's Questions:

4/22 - What is the worst that you have ever been hurt? (like physically)
---> my eyes...thats all i have to say.


4/23 - What is the craziest field trip you have been on?
---> eh, i dunno. i didnt really go on a lot of field trips. p:


4/22 - if you were an animal, what would you be? o 3o

4/23 - if there was a zombie invasion, what would your ideal weapon be?

4/24 - can can, can you do the can can?

4/ 25 - ULTIMATEDDRTIEMZ?!!?!!??!!!

4/ 26 - what's your favorite song?

4/27 - can i has a hug? ; 3;


would you let me comfort and hold you in my arms?
so i can finally have the chance tell you how much i have loved you...
and still do?

Apr 23, 2009


Blog 84.

hai guyz.
its almost 1. xD

so i was browsing around youtube looking for the usual stuff i look for and i came across a video that totally made my day...even more. xD
anyways it was a video of a drama/recording of my two favorite actresses, mamiko noto and ayako kawasumi. not only did the video have those two in it, but it also was a drama/recording of the very few yuri manga/short story i love. :D

i totally squealled when i watched/listened to it. HAHAHAH.

before my obsession with pikari, i was obsessed with mamiko noto..i still am o 3o
(recent pictar of her)

she's so cute!- 3- <3333 face="verdana">anyways so here's how my day went:

i woke up, went back to bed, and woke up again. XD i had a sectional with liz today at 1:30 so i called king to pick me up at 1...he picked me up at around 1:15-1:20.
i was late to the sectional o _o..


liz and i worked on stuffz for a bit. apparently i wasnt breathing correctly so she was teaching me how to breathe. we also talked about alot of stuff...more than we were suppose to but she was all like...ohhhwell. xD

she also said that i was funny and weird. xD
i also made her laugh alot xD

now that i think about it, i do breathe correctly...xD
liz just intimidates me which probably explains why i wasn't breathing correctly. XDD

so after the sectionals, we went to go and get foodz at the bookstore then to the cafeteria o 3o
liz chilled for a couple of minutes then she left for her class.

after she left..i forgot what i did. haha.

then band...oh band. the rehearsal was our last one and like....we all did horribly. :/
kinda felt sorry for lishman.

abril, kelly and i kept on cracking jokes about kelly's car accident throughout the whole rehearsal. XD

yeh. went home afterwards and attempted to do curl-ups. xD

pocahontas is a loonnnnggggg song - _-;

my question:

if you could to choose to meet anyone in the whole entire world, who would you choose? o 3o
liek...ANYONE. XD

imma go and lift weights now. xD;

Apr 21, 2009


it's Blog 83 guys; howdy!

i wonder if i used that semi-colon correctly.
my english writing skills are really poor. liek really poor. and i dont have a really creative mind when it comes to writing.
i can do grammer though...kinda.

and i cant understand things too well. im oblivious to a crapload of things and i dont get sarcasm most of the time. haha.
sometimes i wonder if i should continue on with my psychology major since its mostly about understanding stuffz and whatnot.


so my friend is doing well now. WOOT. i dont have to worry about her anymore!
though i should call her...i havent talked to her in a long long time.

i miss her alot.

so today, woke up. went to human sexuality. watched another birthing video. i swear to GOD i saw the scariest vagina.

i dont like vaginas. they're scaryyyyyyy.

oh. dang. my testoterone lvl is low.


after human sexuality, went to choir. it sucked AAASSS. fer realz yo.

then foodztiemz. watched mai-otome 0.Sifr~
david watched it with me o 3o
that and the first episode of mai-hime. woo!

i love mai-hime/otome - 3-



What superpower would you have?

4/17 -What is the most meaningful thing that you have ever had someone say to you?
---> if you want this to end, then i'll be happy to let you go, but our friendship will last forever.
our time together has changed my life completely and i want to thank you for that.

just know that as long as you're happy, i'll be happy. :]


"...smile, be happy..."


here's my real answer:

I wish for you to be happy..

4/18 - What would you do if I died or found out that I had terminal cancer?
---> cry...alot. then stop cuz you're in a better place C:

4/19 - What is something that you wish you could do over?
---> that time when i made her cry.

4/20 - If you had to have a different color of hair, what color would you have?
---> SILVER O 3O

4/21 - What is the most naked that you have been in public?
---> i stripped to my t-shirt and tights in the middle of the street o 3o

Would you evar go veggie? :D


Apr 20, 2009

oh dang.

Blog 82

i has alot of questions to answer.

but first i am like....really shocked/surprised right now.
about what?

well lets just say that one of my most dearest friends has been hurt.
i wish i could be where she's at so i can comfort her and cheer her up, but i can't.
she just lives soo far away.

gahhh, i hope she feels better soon. <3

David -

What would be the IDEAL spot for an annual reunion?
---> at a park. :D

What trip are you looking forward to this year? If there isn't a trip in sight, suggest a roadtrip idea so that we can all pack our bags for summer fun! XP

What would you rather have as a primary language?
---> I'm good with mienh. xD;
actually, my primary language is mienglish. a mixture of mienh and english..LOL XD


ummm its a three-way tie between chinese(cantonese and mandarin), japanese, and french. xD

or frickin taiwanese..YEAH. TAIWANESE. o 3o

Anji -

What is your favorite movie?
--->ONMYOJI. <3

What is your favorite day ever.
---> i dont really have a favorite day. xD

What do you see your life being like in a few years?
---> honestly i have no idea.
i might be living by myself, working somewhere.
or still living with my parents.
or....i'll somehow get preggo. LAWL. xD
and i'll probably still be single. XDDDD

what is the worst way you have ever failed at something?
---> i failed as a lover.


What is your favorite picture.
---> well it hasn't been processed our drawn..yet but it's in my mind. it'd have to be a scene from my favorite dream where my 'lover' is holding me while we were in a soft patch of grass on a moonlight night. <3

my que's

4/18--> would you rather have your kidney removed or your eye? o 3o

4/19--> if you were to choose a cartoon or anime to be apart of, which one would you choose? :D

4/20--> can you survive a day without food? :D

Apr 18, 2009


blog 81

im okay.


this story makes nooooo sense whatsoever. XDD!

i've never felt anything like this before. (Juvenile Orion) "well i guess this isn't so bad, Reed! At least nobody asked me to make a speech." (the fantastic 4) The primal elements of fire and water are thus united in this sacrificial act of procreation. ( Faust) Better get going! (pokemon ranger) So, an anonymous man from san fransisco, if you're reading this, i just want to say thank you and whne i return to my home town, i'd like to take you out for dinner. ( I saw you...) "Should we go downstars" I finally asked. ( middlesex) She slid closer to the doorway and heard the thud of flesh against flesh, and a bodystriking a stonewall. *( the queen of stone) He froze there blinking n the sudden shade until what he was seeing made some kind of sense. ( monalisa overdrive) a wise precaution in itself but as things turned out quite useless. ( journey to the center of the earth) It had never been like this for her before. (triple) they hand-held white audiences and lead them to 'black" music. (Doo Wop) That left two knees and two testicles. (acto f treason) an unpleasant thought, bunt one it was hard to dispute. (nightmares and dreamscapes) "it's like a doll house for pual bunyon's action figures." (supernatural=bone key) " i think you can do better than this" ( cecil and jordan in NEW YORK stories) she thought about hot anger and cold anger, and if it divided by the sexes, ad which she felt, if either, if ever. ( wicked) he wanted to shout and shake w/rage that the universe kept doing these insanely bewildering things to him. ( Hitchhiker's) he was amazed how relieved he felt to hear that. (best african american ficcions 2009) " you're kidding" i said flatly. ( the art of french kissing) "that's just how we roll." (jonas bros. 3D concert experience) he felt as though a band thing was pushing against the walls from outside ( love medicine) after this, alice was silent for a minute or two, pondering. ( alice's adventures in wonderland and through the looking glass) i understand she is a woman of great fortuen. ( sense and sensbility) in no time, we turned that place into party control ( the pursuit of happyness) Her body was ready * addicted). "you hide yourself from me now, but i can still see you like a blazing sun among a forest of dim candles." (bsomethingxD) "you' dont know if its invasive?! that's THE question" (the middle place) That was the way charlette saw it ( ghost girl) we are afraid of truth, afraid of fortune, afraid of death, and afraid of each other. ( obama's inaugural address) he told himself not to be so frightened, the movement was probably caused by a cat or a nightly hunt, or an opossum hiding beneath the branches or...Oh, God. ( lost souls) the brain is no fool when it comes to emotions. (emeotional freedom) " i want to feel your fleash around me." ( the spy who wants me) "if you fall out of the car," the mayor said, "nobody in the world will believe i didn't push you." (the san fransico century) simon, who loved gadgets, was fascinated-or at least pretending it was the sensor to be fascinated with. ( city of bones) if it's rubbery, pasty, or dry, it's just not worth it.( everyday italian recipes) for your partne'rs sake as well as your own, speak to your physician about safe-sex practices and follow your doctor's advie at all times. ( the little black book of sex)

srsly, it makes no sense at all. XDD!

Apr 17, 2009


Blog 80.

im sad.



Are we able to do a repeat of this night in the future??? Hopefully for LONGER??? XP

probably, before my parents come back. xD

What was the longest time you went without sleep and what were you doing during your NOT sleep?

i stayed up until 5am talking to aryn about stuffz...

Would/have you create(d) a Twitter account?

but watch, i probably will later on. ahahhah xD


My que's:

1. would you ever make out with the same sex? XDD!

2. would you ever microwave christmas lights? :D

3. would you create a cure for cancer if it involved sacrificing your own life to do so?


Apr 16, 2009

blog 79




Apr 15, 2009

balls @ 12.

Blog 78

or was it balls of 12?


today, king left and went on campus without me...jerk. so i called parkarr and was all like..CAN I HAS a RIDE?!!?!?
i owe parkarr alot. i'll make it up to him somehow. C:

anyways choir was alright. i still need to have confidence in myself...haha.
italian was alright.

after italian, anji parkarr and i went to the 99 cents store and winco to buy foods for tomorrow's er today's pj party...i need to clean the house. xD
dropped off foods a mia casa.
took anji home.
went to mcdonalds drivethru cuz parkarr and i were STARVING.
went to class.

i was late to class...we were both late to class xD!
today, i learned that my testosterone lvl is really low. im not producing enough testostrone that doesnt activate/produce the estrodial, which is estrogen, which means that my estrodial does not, inturn, return my male behavior which is also sexual behavior. LOL. xD

whao. bad grammar right thurrr.

anyways back to the balls at 12 aka gueves doces...balls at 12 is a sexual mutation where the cell/baby has the XY chromosome thing but is defiecient in 5 α-reductese 2. 5 α-reductase 2 is what makes/activates dihydratestoterone(DHT). DHT is the development of external genitalia--> A PENIS. if DHT is low, then a penis is not developed, but instead a vagina will be.

so basically that baby is genetically male but physically female.

yeah. that was me studying right there. xD

gahh, i feel bad for making david wait for his pictar. p:
im sorry! you'll get to see it later! i promise! C:
you'll love it. xD


would you make a video of yourself making out with someone? XD!

Apr 13, 2009

rainbow boats give you epileptic seizures.

Blog 76

today, parkarr and a couple of friends of mine and my bros went to go see the Dragonball movie. it was full of LULZ.
i flipped out alot. haha.

it was an okay movie. would i go see it again?...yeah just for more LULz. XDDDD

after that we went to scandia and had lots of fun! C:
the DDR machine ate our tokens. bleh. abril and i pwned on easy. and parkarr and i failed when we boogied during the second round.

after DDR, we played air hockey. we played an epic round where it was abril and i against parkarr and jacob. i dont remember who won but it was still funnnn. XD

AND THEN...jacob played the torpedo game. he was firing at a boat, missed and hit a random rainbow boat that kept on flashing. we were all liek:


after scandia, i went home to say goodbye to my parents. they left around 5ish and when they closed the door, i started to cry for a little bit. xD
i love my parents. and you know how i said that i wasnt going to eat with them for awhile? i lied. i ate with them right after i posted it. xD;
i love my family sooo much. <3

i miss my parents already. <3

Do you think you will be remembered years from now, or are we just footprints in the sand?

i will totally remember you guys. you guys are different from all the other friends i've had and i want our friendship to last for a loonnnnngggggg time...until we're old and dying. LOL. C:

Gummy candy or cholaatteee? o 3o


if i cried out to you, would you answer me?
would you hold my hand and guide me?
would you help me gain the strength and will to let you go?

Apr 12, 2009


Blog 76

hai guyz.

these past couple of days have been busy busy busy!

friday i went to a youth workday thingie at my church then to my friend's birthday party. wooo!

saturday went to oakland for an easter thingie. got to see my boss for like a sec. i shook his and and left. i wish i had time to converse with him but i didn't D;!

today was/is easter. woo! SUPERLONG day but it was all goood. C:

yeah. i wonder if that was like...100 words..probably not xD

anyways, i has a blog war rule for you guys:

in each blog, you has to have a question for all of us to answer. its just like the question game!
also, we have to answer that question in our next blog. :D


here's my questione:

would you want to have a 'thim dream?'

LMFAO. /shot.


Apr 8, 2009


Blog 75

the chemicals from the bathroom are killing me. D:

so today, i lost my door again. and then i was forced to clean my entired room. :D
i threw away alot of stuff...gosh, i hope i didnt throw away anything important.

i hate staying at home. i always have to clean and cook and do all that stereotypical women stuff for my parents.
the things that i DO NOT like doing. i'd rather go and build a fence or fix the car.

grrrr. sometimes i wish i was a guy so i dont have to do all that stuff.
you know, just because im a girl doesnt mean i want to do things that girls are suppose to do.
you sexist bastards.

my parents are good people..but they're so sexist against me. p:
and only to me. haha.

oh and father expects me to have a child and mother wants me to try.
i am NOT going to have a child. bleh.
i need a job so i can pay for my olvaries being tied.

jaykay. i will have a child...or two. yeah two.
why two? so that if one of them turns out to be gay, i'll still have the other one give birth to my grandchildren.

hello, sperm bank and adoption ajencies, here i come.

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. i need to play left 4 dead. or RE: umbrella chronicles.
i have soo much anger supressed inside...i need to let it out before i do anything bad to myself.

woot, i got my door back.

right now, ive basically confined myself in my room.
i am not going out to eat with the family...not for awhile.
i probably wont until after my parents come back. haha.

i enjoy my privacy in my room. its the only way i can feel free from the family and the world.
but hey, you take away my door, i take away our precious familytime.
i think thats fair enough.

imma go and find some zombies to shoot at now.

how many times must i...

why is my heart stirring?

how can my feelings be so tender?

even when we're apart, i can't get away. ah, from my feelings.
i just can't forget, not yesterday, not today.

how many times must i think of you?
how deeply must i love you?

-kato izumi

dear diary.

Blog 73

that's the album name of FM static's new album.
if you're a fan of them...GO AND BUY IT. IT'S AmaZING.
and if you're not...



for those of you who dont know, FM static is a christain/positive band and if you're into that kinda stuff then you will love that album.

anyways, my little brother bought "dear diary" on itunes and was all like..
and so i listened to it and i was al like..
OMFG. <33331!1111!!!1

yeah. i think ive been saying the same thing over and over agian. xD

my left shift key is messed up due to overuse...haha.
oh dang it worked that time1 sometiemes it doesnt. xDDDDd

today, i did nothing. well i did clean the bathroom for like an hour or so but other than that....
its been a lazy day.

oh i totally squealed today...ahah...i hope no one heard me. xD


i need to workout.

Apr 7, 2009

the end of taka.

hai guyz.

just to let you know..i might be dying soon from either the rath of my mother or my father.....or both.


i just cant go out late anymore....not for another two months or so.
SO, we should hangout as much as we can when my parents are gone. C:

anji and i bonded during the past couple of days. <3
oh, just to let you know, anji, you are very dear to me. C: <3
all of you guys are.

i have never met a group of people like you guys where i can actually be myself and not worry about anything. thank you.
thank you sooooo much.

C: <3

anyways, today i didnt get much sleep. after being woken up by my dad, i was all like:

oh crap, this is not going to be a break for me - _-;

then i went to the social security place and waited a loonnnggg time before they called my numberr. i felt really sorry for them because there was a crapload of peoples in there.
they're really nice, better than the dmv. xD

afterwards, i chilled with anji and tom. we went to their church then applebee's. then to anji's and brawled until mom called and was all like...IM GOING TO DIE IF YOU DONT COME HOME1 D:!


but she was really stressed that i wasnt home yet. p:

now...im just munchin' on the stuffs i didnt finish at applebee's. woo!
thanks anji! :D

i owe you alot. C: <3

Apr 5, 2009

srsly, guys.


I will be there soon.
From Zombie

Apr 2, 2009

lame blog is poop.

Blog 70, b-tches.


i cant think of any rules....

lol, funniest thing that happened to my lil brother and i the other day:

scene - lolbathroom.

yowty: -knocksonthebathroomdoor- THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMM!! HURRYYY UPPPP!!!!
thim: WHAT?!
yowty: HURRY UP!!
yowty: ...yea.

lmfao, yowty.

i totally need sleep. i am currently running on 2 1/2 hours of sleep right now.