Jun 20, 2009

Happy 100th Blog.

i finally figured out what i wanted to write about for my 100th blog thanks to Liz. [=
here we go!

50 of Taka's Favorite Things and 50 random facts

its a list...of 100 of Taka's favorite/random facts....lol. xD

Favorite Names
1. Isabella or Isa
2. Rain
3. Nathan

Favorite Websites
1. Sera Myu Antics - it's Sera Myu...MY OBSESSION.
2. Hikari Ono's Official Website
3. Yuribou Blog - i dont reccomend going there if you're like...innocent or homophobic. HAHA. it's an innappropriate site but the blogger is super duper awesome about whatever he/she writes about. xD

Favorite Drinks
1. Mirinda by Pepsi - i had this drink when i went to thailand and laos. it was AMAZINGLY good. i love the green apple mirinda C:
2. Honey Dew Melon Milk Teaaaa
3. Dr. Pepper
4. Orange Juice
5. Water

Favorite Music Artists
1. All the people from Sera Myu. LOL.
2. Dir en Grey - their music is different. well...not really but their mission statement (or something like that) is what got me into them: to convey the pain and sadness of the world through their music.
no, they are not emo. nor are they screamo...though some of their songs are kinda screamoish but it's different. well, their earlier albums were different. xD
3. Relient K - their lead singer has the voice of an angel. lol. xD
4. Tommy February6 - tomoko kawase is her real name. she's cute and her songs are retroish mixed with 80's pop which is my kinda music. did i mention that she's cute? xD
5. Alphabeat - Retro/80ish. some of their songs are pretty catchy. xD

Favorite Video Games
1. Odin Sphere - the graphics are AMAZING. and i love the storyline.
2. Chrono Cross - one of the first video games i played. the gameplay's alright but the storyline makes up for that. you also can choose from a variety of ridiculous characters to use. the BGM is amazing also. xD
3. Final Fantasy V - my favorite final fantasy game. actually, i dont know why i love it. xD
4. Eternal Eyes - this game is the shiz.
5. Tetris - <3!

Favorite Article of Clothing
1. Scarves.
2. Jackets.
3. Coats.
4. Panties.

Favorite Myus
1. Kaguya Shima Densetsu - this musical made the most sense. really. haha
2. Eien Densetsu - another musical that made sense. the cast for this one was amazing and the story line kinda connected with the anime
3. Sailor Stars - same as above
4. Transylvania no Mori - this one was kinda confusing BUT pikari was vampiru. and each of the sailor scouts had their own theme song. [=

Favorite Myu Songs
1. Sailor War(the non-musical one)
2. All of You Shall Die - its fun to sing this song outloud. :D
3. Sailor Busters
4. Onna Kaizoku no Sakusen
5. Kick Out a Bloody Mystery

Favorite Things In Taka's Room
1. the Mirror Sabrina gave me. this mirror means alot to me.
2. Sailor Moon wall scroll
3. .Hack//Sign wall scroll
4. Bed
5. Purple butterfly nightlight - given to me by my mom. she just randomly gave it to me cuz it was a butterfly. i liek butterflies :D

Favorite Anime
1. Kannazuki no Miko by Kaishaku - eheh.......yuri.....xD
2. Otogi Zoshi - you dont know how much i LOVE historical anime. i only like the 1st part though...cuz the 2nd part's allll modern xD
3. Mai Hime/Otome/Zwei/0.Sifr~ - good storyline. good characters. yeah. [=
4. Negima!? - funny and awesome with well-developed characters...kinda. xD
5. Sailor Moon - it's a classic. xD
6. Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori - this is the 2nd season of Jigoku Shoujo. it actually goes in depth with the character's past and stuff. really good anime.

Favorite Manga
1. Clover by CLAMP - i hate CLAMP but this is manga was different from the usual stuff they create.
2. Juvenile Orion - i just love this one. xD.
3. Zombie-Loan - has zombies. horror/goryish and has a good storyline. FTW.
4. Fushigi-Yugi - also a good storyline. the manga and anime got me really into anime/manga. lol. XD
5. Moonlight Flowers - it's short but i love it. yuri. lol. xD

Now...onto the random list

1. i LOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEEEE Hikari Ono...in the butt. > _>
2. i can't do that hulu hoop thing.
3. i take really awesome notes when im SUPER bored in class.
4. if Dr. Hiro Tanaka from an episode of BONES was real, I'd marry him.
5. i love people with deep voices.
6. i can listen to the same song over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again and never get tired of it.
7. i was once told that I was a cold person.
8. Chihuahuas = hate.
9. i tend to think about really gory stuff.
10. ancient japan and china fascinates me.
11. and so does jack the ripper...just dont ask.
12. i have 1 and 1/2 tonsils. xDDD
13. the sound of chalk writing on chalkboards irritates me.
14. im thinking about becoming a liscensed psychologist/therapist for the Mienh people in Sacramento.
15. aquariums = love.
16. i'd do alot of people but not like random people...if you know what i mean.
17. i apparently make lots of faces.
18. i prefer cold over hot.
19. my laptop's name is glucose.
20. eggsss. <33
21. my favorite characters from Sailor Moon are Taiki and Haruka.
22. i beat house of dead 4 with my friend amanda.
23. i enjoy, no, love my solitude.
24. i can't really taste chow mein.
25. don't fall in love with me.
26. i want the ability/talent/gift/whatever to tell what type of person a person is through his/her handwriting.
27. i'd rather be called a prince than a princess
28. campfires are awesome
29. i can't go to sleep without holding onto something like my pillow, blanket, teddybear etc.
30. i get scared easily.
31. people treat me like a kid sometimes.
32. lol, i think i act like a kid most of the time.
33. i am weird...think about it.
34. i have a hard time projecting my voice
35. the only person who can make me happy and sad at the same time is my friend sabrina.
36. most of my panties are black
37. i've been a feet away from a real tiger.
38. i can't write for crap
39. providing comfort and listening to others is what i do best.
40. i'm the secretary of MCYA. :D
41. i hate lovey dovey crap...well not really. P:
42. myspace sucks yet i use it.
43. i can't really get mad at anyone.
44. i have fallen before but that's all in the past.
45. i'm not scared of black people...i'm just scared of people in general
46. i still like the pacman. even though the pacman is a douche and i will never see the pacman ever again.
47. i hate showing skin.
48. i love being held or holding someone.
49. i get uncomfortable/paranoid when someone touches my back.
50. ask me anything and i'll answer it...maybe. lol. XDDDD

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